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Mar 17, 2017, 06:30 PM
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Jul 02, 2017, 06:29 PM
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Jul 08, 2017, 11:30 AM
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Update: Please follow this link to see the top shortlisted teams, that are selected for the final round at Old Trafford, Manchester, UK

Note: All participants of shortlisted teams will receive an email with further details.

From the wheel to hyperloop, innovations have sparked many revolutions. In the 21st century, only technology can answer the complex challenges faced by the world. At the #UnitedByHCL hackathon hosted at Old Trafford, home to Manchester United Football Club, HCL is inviting modern day innovators such as yourself, to tackle real problems posed by the world's biggest brands. Mentored by business leaders, you'll collaborate to build solutions that will propel their organizations to the 21st Century.

How can you start?

The hackathon is conducted in three phases:

  • Online Idea Submission (Phase 1)
  • Online Prototype Submission (Phase 2)
  • Onsite Hackathon at Old Trafford (Phase 3)

1st Phase [Idea submission - online]

Last date: 2nd July 2017
Choose a track, write your idea and submit it.

Deliverables from candidate:
Contextual information and how you’re planning to do it and also technology stack

Judging criteria

  • Understanding of a problem
  • Tech-stack used [what tech you are using]
  • Impact & feasibility

2nd Phase [Prototype submission - online]

Last date: 23rd July 2017
Submit the functional proof of concept showing features built to solve the problem. Add relevant documents to back their prototype.

Deliverables from candidate:

  1. Screenshots or wireframe
  2. Workflow document and deployment instructions if any
  3. Source Code
  4. If applicable, Demo URL

Judging criteria (measurable metrics)

  • Code/Scalability [quality of code, demor url and documentation]
  • Design/Wireframe/Blueprints [quality of design]
  • Overall Usability

We will choose up to 40 teams to flight to the finals in Old Trafford.

3rd Phase [Onsite hackathon at Old Trafford]

Date: TBD
Get ready to hack your way to glory at the legendary Theatre of Dreams

Deliverables from candidate:

  1. A deck to pitch your solution
  2. Demo to showcase base functionality
  3. Refine your code and enhance it based on live feedback from industry leaders

Judging criteria

  • Completeness
  • Usability
  • Clean-code quality
  • Pitch / presentation to the jury members.

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Choose any one of the challenges provided by the world’s top brands below and do check out the Resources Tab for detailed information on these problem statements.

Open Innovation
Old Trafford Museum Tour Experience

Old Trafford Museum Tour Experience - For Manchester United Build a prototype comprising any innovative and creative technology focused on improving museum tour experience by various means.

Service modelling
Discussion Forum for Community assistance
Efficient time scheduling & resource management

Challenge 1: Service modelling – For DRYiCE
Service modelling on the top of a dependency graph of a service available in a CMDB

Challenge 2: Discussion Forum for Community assistance – For DRYiCE
Build a discussion forum for all users of the community seeking assistance

Challenge 3: Efficient time scheduling & resource management for Miners – For Sasol
Develop a prototype enabling managers help with efficient time scheduling and resource allocation of the available workforce.

Artificial Intelligence
In Game AI Companion
Synthesize Quality Content
Create an Assistive Chatbot
Predictive Analysis
Chatbot for procurement
Lead Agents Dashboard

Challenge 1: In Game AI Companion – For Ubisoft
Develop a prototype AI backed companion which would help increase engagement of gamers.

Challenge 2: Synthesize Quality Content – For Ubisoft
Develop a prototype crawler tool backed by smart rating algorithm to synthesize quality content from various sources available on the internet for given search query.

Challenge 3: Create an Assistive Chatbot – For DHL
Develop a chatbot to help simplify some of the DHL’s user centric problems.

Challenge 4: Predictive Analysis – For DHL
Develop an AI prototype to analyze and predict customer churn and the probability to win an opportunity at an early stage of the customer engagement using a variety of structured / unstructured data sources. You can find the data here

Solution should show quantifiable measurable metrics displaying thorough analytics on customers to help shape the future strategies and decision making.

Challenge 5: Chatbot for procurement – For NBCU
Develop a Bot prototype to identify and collect insightful inputs from end users.

Challenge 6: Lead Agents Dashboard – For IPF
Create a Predictive, Personalized AI enabled dashboard​ ​app for​ ​Sales Rep​.​ (Lead Agents​).

Mixed Reality Education

Mixed Reality Education – For Ubisoft
Develop a prototype comprising educational experience based on mixed reality.

Trackside Wayfinding
Second screen viewing at trackside
Office Navigator
Vendor Intelligence

Challenge 1: Trackside Wayfinding – For Formula E
Build a web and/or app based solution which informs race-goers of essential race-day information.

Challenge 2: Second screen viewing at trackside – For Formula E
Develop a prototype app solution that broadcasts 4 camera feeds to the smart-phones of each race-goer via local area network.

Challenge 3: Office Navigator
Build a prototype around indoor navigation system to help endusers locate and navigate various places inside the building with ease.

Note: Candidates are free to bring any creative solution around indoor navigation by using MapWize SDK or any other technique.

Challenge 4: iSight - For Barclays
Build a solution for partially sighted customers to help navigate, locate and use ATM & other services around it with ease. Feel free to leverage Barclays CMA API (ATM Locator, Branch Locator, Product Details) to build accessibility solution for visually impaired users.

Challenge 5: Vendor Intelligence - For Acxiom
Build a system to collect, analyse, and report multiple vendor metrics providing actionable insights in real time for C-suite executives.

Blockchain prototype

Blockchain prototype - For the Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Build a prototype around blockchain technology to make various banking components transparent, decentralized, and efficient.

Note: Candidates are free to bring any creative solution around blockchain and banking.

Prizes USD 10,000 in prizes

Main Prizes
First Prize
USD 5000
Second Prize
USD 3000
Third Prize (2)
USD 1000

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