The Very First Daisi™ Hackathon

492 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
starts on:
Jul 13, 2022, 07:00 AM
ends on:
Sep 05, 2022, 06:59 AM


The Hackathon Launch Event

Daisi ( is a scientific Cloud Computing platform running Python serverless functions, named Daisies.

Please join our Hackathon and try our amazing new Python Serverless Platform + WIN up to US$10,000 IN PRIZES

With Daisi you can:

  • create web services, automate tasks, host apps… orders of magnitude easier and faster than traditional cloud platforms.
  • parallelize compute intensive workloads by scaling up instantly to thousands of processes on demand.
  • share your code and discover thousands of ready-to-call functions and apps !

Daisi brings the power of cloud computing into the hands of every developer, scientist, engineer by automatically deploying and creating endpoints for any function of a Python code, which can then be invoked seamlessly from any environment.

Any regular Python code can be turned into a Daisi by simply registering its Github repository in the Daisi platform, with no need to write any specific code.

Here's a video overview of our Daisi Hackathon with US $10,000 in Prizes!


We are looking for individuals or small teams to deploy highly useful “Daisies” (Python serverless functions) in our cloud at

Daisies can either be your own Python code or based on open source Python code or code you have the rights to. (IE: as long as it is open source, it does not have to be your own original code.)

The goal is to put well-documented Daisies on our platform and help spread the word that they are there to others in your community.

Here are some examples of types of Daisies teams might decide to put up (but you are not limited to only these, feel free to get creative!):

Note: One of the things that differs in The First Daisi Hackathon vs. most other hackathons is that entrants may submit multiple Daisies during the contest period, and ALL of them can count (i.e., you can have multiple entries)! So you are not limited to only one entry.

Back to basics

Daisies can be at the re used in many worflows, for instance:

  • Data access: interface with a valuable and often accessed database
  • Data processing or transformation (Image formatting, documents formatting, paragraph extractions, data conversion from a format to an other…)
  • ML models which can be used as “Lego bricks” to build applications, e.g., segmentation, classification, question answering
Game changers

Daisies can unlock new domain-specific capabilities and workflows, e.g., Geoscience, climate change, or astrophysics. Examples of these include:

  • Domain specific algorithms or models, either novel or complex enough and not available in common packages
  • Unlock access to useful data or interesting datasets that might not be directly accessible (including hard-to-find datasets)
Building the future

Daisies can deploy novel, curious, and innovative code! For instance:

  • Internet-of-things
  • Web 3.0
  • Long term science for climate change, energy consumption, etc…

Prizes USD 10,000 in prizes

Prizes will STACK: A single entry can win MULTIPLE prize categories. And Participants and Teams can submit MULTIPLE Daisies. Thus it is possible for a single Team/Participant to win the entire $10,000 US prize pool! Good luck!!

Main Prizes
“Judge's Choice” Prizes – Best Daisies (Based on Quality)
  • $2,500 GRAND PRIZE
  • $1,000 2nd Place;
  • $500 3rd Place
Daisi with the MOST API CALLS by unique individuals (based on usage)
  • $2,500 GRAND PRIZE
    • $500 Runner Up
Daisi with the MOST STARS (based on "likes")
  • $2,500 GRAND PRIZE
    • $500 Runner Up
starts on:
Jul 13, 2022, 07:00 AM
closes on:
Sep 05, 2022, 06:59 AM

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