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497 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5

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Calling all developers, builders, and innovators!

Are you interested in reshaping the future of healthcare for children and women?

Texas Children’s Hospital, one of the top-ranked children’s hospitals in the US, is hosting its inaugural innovation-focused hackathon coinciding with the groundbreaking of its new, state-of-the-art hospital located in Austin, Texas! This virtual build event is designed to inspire and draw attention to the need for new thinking and technology in healthcare for children and women in a city internationally renowned for leading in innovation.

Hackathon Details

Hackathon Theme: The Hospital of the Future

Dates: May 14th-May 24th

Winner: Announced on June 9th. Click here to see the winners of the hackathon

Format: Virtual. Build something amazing yourself or in a virtual team that aligns with one or more of the themes below. Be creative!

Judges: Every submission will be evaluated by a panel of Texas Children’s Hospital experts and at least one of our sponsors.

Teams: 1-5 people per team (bring your own team or join one!)

For Kids by Kids: A special category just for kid coders and aspiring innovators to animate parts of the patient journey in our hospitals in Scratch!


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Food Service and Delivery

Delivering an exceptional healthcare experience is about more than meeting just the immediate clinical needs of the patient. How do we reimagine the food service and delivery experience (ordering by phone from a static, physical menu for in-room delivery) for our inpatients and outpatients, their families, our employees and guests, to ensure they get the nutritious meals they need?

Things to think about:

  • Convenience
  • Fun, delicious/memorable experiences
  • Customizable menu options for food allergies, cultural/religion and health conditions

An idea to get you started: A platform enabling patients to submit their 5-star craving via text, voice assistant or digital menus – that takes their medical conditions into consideration and leverages everything from food delivery services, cloud kitchens, live cooking classes and partnerships with local Austin eateries to ensure they get the healthy meal they need.

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Meeting People Where They Are

Our patients are diverse and have specific needs that we not only want to accommodate, but also anticipate. What traditional hospital experiences or processes can be improved upon so they are more convenient, personalized and equitable?

Things to think about:

  • Physical needs
  • Cultural needs
  • Preferred language
  • Technology (access, interoperability, etc.)
  • Agency (patients are in control)
  • Choice
  • Educational/literacy (including technology-literacy)

An idea to get you started: Personalized health communications via pre-paid text messages, in your preferred language and at an accessible reading level, automatically triggered by medical codes and physician’s chart notes.

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Touchless Experience

COVID has revolutionized the way we interact in person. How can we transform physical touchpoints into touchless, seamless but still personal and trustworthy digital healthcare experiences? Additionally, what touchless/adaptive features could we integrate into our workspace at the new hospital to fit current and future needs of our workforce?

Things to think about:

  • Smartphone apps
  • Voice assistants
  • Computer vision
  • Smart environments

An idea to get you started: We use Epic’s MyChart PreCheck-In to eliminate sign-in, paperwork and payment touchpoints in the clinic. The addition of a digital infrastructure to connect other touchpoints, using Internet of Medical Things (at-home scales, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, cameras that see inside ears/throats, smart watches, etc.) to eliminate touchpoints.

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AR/VR In Hospitals

How can we use extended reality experiences (XR) to reimagine the: doctor - patient experience of the future; the way we train employees or medical students; the way we engage with patients in the future; or the way we work within the hospital of the future?

Things to think about:

  • Training/simulations
  • Exam rooms experiences
  • Educational opportunities
  • Office spaces of the future
  • Gamified experiences to drive improved outcomes

An idea to get you started: XR experiences during stressful procedures or virtual, hologram style medical record screens, making it easy to visualize patient progress, vastly improving patient/family/care team communication and coordination.

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Evolution of the Child Life Experience

Child life specialists are healthcare professionals who help children and families navigate the process of illness, injury, disability, trauma, or hospitalization. What innovative experiences should Child Life provide for our patients and their families, in the future, to help them decrease anxiety, increase coping, connect, socialize and heal?

Things to think about:

  • Live arts & crafts
  • Memorable digital experiences
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Sibling activities
  • Music
  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Media production

An idea to get you started: Platforms that improve the efficiency for how the Child Life Specialist engage with patients or a positive social network for patients with similar diagnosis and their families.

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For Kids By Kids

A challenge to engage Austin’s future tech leaders! Texas Children’s can provide patient journeys to be reimagined by the participants, designed and animated in scratch – with a local Austin touch, of course!

For more information, click here

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Prizes USD $10,000 in prizes

Additional Prizes to be donated by Sponsor Companies

Main Prizes
First Prize

Apple AirPods Pro

Second Prize

Vissles-M, 15.6-inch Portable Touchscreen Monitor

Third Prize

Apple HomePod mini

Special Prizes
For Kids By Kids - First Prize
USD 200

$200 Amazon Gift Card

For Kids By Kids - Second Prize
USD 100

$100 Amazon Gift Card

For Kids By Kids - Third Prize
USD 50

$50 Amazon Gift Card


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