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It’s true that being a specialist in one’s field and gaining mastery of a particular aspect of technology has distinct advantages, but as technology rapidly expands and evolves, industries are constantly changing. With this change comes the need for skills branching out to multiple technologies and the ability to build end to end products to potentially transform the way people live around the world!

With that said, HackerEarth presents StackHack 1.0, inviting all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to come up with fantastic ideas to build minimal viable products from scratch. Code your way from the backend to the frontend and design products to inspire!

This hackathon is open to all developers who have an eye for design and passion for code. Participants can either hack individually or as a team of four. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn with other teams, showcase your talent, and compete for prizes!

What are we looking for in the submission?

We are looking for prototypes that are innovative, technologically advanced and unique. Most importantly, we are looking for applications that help fuel innovation, industry growth and economy. Build a web applications/ products that help everyday task management efficient and event registration smooth and hassle-free. You can make a submission for both the themes or either of the theme mentioned below.

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Task Management To-do list

Minimum Requirement (entry level)

On Front End:

  • Implement a feature to add Tasks.
  • Implement a feature to set the due date for these tasks.

On Back end:

  • Implement the backend in one of the desired Tech-Stacks provided below.
  • Your backend is supposed to store all the tasks data received from the Frontend and store it in the Database.
  • You are also supposed to implement a Database in the Backend which should store all this structured data.
  • The data sharing between Frontend and Backend should be in JSON format rendered over REST APIs.
  • Zip all your Source Code, Screenshots, Deployment Instructions and Upload.

Plus Point (intermediate)

Along with everything asked in Minimum Requirement :

  • Implement a feature to set Labels to Tasks like ‘Personal’, ‘Work’, ‘Shopping’ and ‘Others’. 
  • Implement a feature to set the Status of the Tasks like ‘New’, ‘In progress’ and ‘Completed’.
  • You are supposed to implement these features for an End-to-End stack, implementation will go on the Frontend as well as Backend.
  • Store the relevant flags in the database.

Extra Work (experienced / wizard)

Along with everything from the above two levels :

  • Implement the Signup and Login/Logout functionality. You have to create user-auth schema in the database.
  • Implement a feature to Search and Filter Tasks based on Date-time, Priority and Labels, and a combination of at least two or more.

Note : If you complete any or all of the above mentioned levels please do submit.

Ideal Stack

MEAN Stack (Preferred), you can also submit in any technology of your choice.

Event Registration

Minimum Requirement (entry level)

On Front End:

  • Create a form on the UI which captures :
  1. Fields for Data Capture (All fields are mandatory)
    • Full Name
    • Mobile
    • E-Mail
    • Upload ID Card (Formats: png, jpeg)
    • Registration type : Self/Group/Corporate/Others
    • No of Tickets: (If self prepopulate to 1, rest case mandate user to enter)
  2. Provide a preview Screen which should :
    • List all the fields as above.
    • Display ID card in the preview.
  3. On Submission :
    • Registration ID has to be generated and displayed on Success Screen.
    • Store all the information captured in a local database

(Registration Date has to be generated as system date and get stored in Database)

On Back end:

  • Implement the backend in one of the desired Tech Stack provided below.
  • This Backend should have database bindings to store the event registration info received from the Front End.
  • The backend should be able to receive from and render to Front End all the event information, also store in and fetch from the database.
  • Submit Screenshot, Source code & Deployment Instructions.

Plus Point (intermediate)

  • Along with everything asked in Minimum Requirement :
    • Admin Login functionality.
    • Display a Chart detailing count of Registration types.
    • List all Registrations (Registration No, Date, Name fields should be displayed)
    • Hyperlink to view on Click on Registration No
  • Documented, well structured beautified code.

Note : If you complete any or all of the above mentioned levels please do submit.

Ideal Stack

MEAN Stack (Preferred), you can also submit in any technology of your choice.

Prizes USD 325 in prizes

Main Prizes
1st Prize Winner
USD 150

Gift Voucher worth USD 150

2nd Prize Winner
USD 100

Gift Voucher worth USD 100

3rd Prize Winner
USD 75

Gift Voucher worth USD 75

Special Prizes
Best Innovative Solutions (2)
USD 100

Gift Voucher Prizes by Upskill by Techzilla

Scholarships - Upskill by Techzilla (10)

Scholarship worth Rs.30,000/- for the course"National upskill programme" to the Top 10 teams 

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