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We are the Next Generation.

We are Youth Leaders.

We are Responders. Action Takers. Innovators. Dream Makers.

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Dream Tank has formed a youth-led Coronavirus Youth Rapid Response Team with those who wish to be part of a revolutionary change during this critical time. The entrepreneurial team (ages 11-29), along with entertainment, sports, and social media influencers, are activating youth globally to spread love, hope, and awareness during this time.

Our youth team designed the Global Hackathon to represent the power of youth voices, at events such as the ExoWorld Summit (April 14-16), to discover revolutionary solutions to our biggest global challenges in partnership with cross-sector leaders.

About the Hackathon

Participants between the age group of 3-30 years are invited to take part in the Hackathon.

In recent weeks, we have seen the significant economic impact of the coronavirus on financial markets and a wide range of industries: manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, and travel. Behind these statistics lie the human costs of the pandemic, from the deaths of friends and family to the physical effects of infection, mental trauma, and fear faced by almost everyone. Not knowing how this pandemic plays out affects our economic, physical and mental well-being against a backdrop of a world that, for many, is increasingly anxious, unhappy and lonely. The goal of the Rapid Response team is to create a Reverse Pandemic challenge which will eradicate the phobia behind the coronavirus. This youth-driven movement is creating the world’s largest youth organized hackathon. Participants will be able to make any sort of hardware or software technology which eases the many aspects of COVID-19.

Please go through the Submission Format, Evaluation Parameter and Schedule to make your submission.

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  2. Evaluation Parameter
  3. Schedule

We are matching rockstar dream makers (youth leaders!), mentors, sector leaders, youth serving organizations, and more with our brilliant rapid response team. To be a part of the movement, join us here.

The participants who get shortlisted in the Hackathon will be called for a live interview to present their idea

To know more about Dream Tank please visit the About the company section


Community Resilience

We are focused and committed to developing data-driven solutions in partnership with local and international partners to support rural, small urban, and mountain communities
 needs, and growing demands

Healthcare Aid/Assistance

COVID-19 has challenged and limited our healthcare system immensely with the overflow of patients, lack of healthcare resource allocation, and shortages of healthcare workers. Create healthcare-related solutions that would target the alleviation of these issues. Some solutions could include a medical device or software that increase the efficiency of detecting, preventing, or treating the virus.This includes mental health and wellbeing solutions*


The coronavirus pandemic has changed how millions around the globe are educated. New solutions for education could bring much-needed innovation. Given the digital divide, new shifts in education approaches could widen equality gaps. Using technology, find an innovative solution to remove these gaps.

Economic Restructuring

The economic effect of coronavirus on the United States and other countries has been dramatic. Millions of people have lost their jobs, small businesses are struggling to stay open, and many are still having to pay for everyday necessities without being able to work. The world’s economy has changed drastically overnight, turning almost completely virtual. Devise a solution which helps to maintain stability for our changing economy. Unleash the power of digital natives, gen z, to co-create a thriving digital economy.

Open Innovation

Unleash your wildest dreams! Anything that creates a collective impact in this category - any crazy idea you have to make society better during and after the pandemic can be proposed here. This category will highlight sponsored design challenges which can be awarded across categories for the best ideas. This category will include judging from the framework of “out of this world.” seriously, the more ‘impossible’, the better. This category is great for involving 5 year olds, whose brains are at genius level at this age.

Prizes USD 75,000 in prizes

All-Winners and Honorable mentions will receive a prize, either as a sponsorship to continue working on their project or as a physical prize.

Dream Tank Youth Entrepreneurship Perk Pass - This annual pass is loaded with startup, prototyping and coding perks to help you develop and launch your idea further, such as AWS credits, Twilio, Sendgrid, Airtable, Sendinblue, Invision, cloud service providers, hosting, mentorship, legal services, and more. Each annual pass’ retail value is $500, intrinsic value of perks is over $10,000.

Main Prizes
1st Place
  • Each member in the winning team gets a Dell G5 Gaming Desktop.
  • Dream Tank Youth Entrepreneurship Perk Pass - Annual membership
  • 2nd Place
  • Each member in the winning team gets an Xbox One X.
  • Dream Tank Youth Entrepreneurship Perk Pass - Annual membership
  • 3rd Place
  • Each member in the winning team gets an Apple Watch Series 5.
  • Dream Tank Youth Entrepreneurship Perk Pass - Annual membership
  • more
    Special Prizes
    Best Educational Hack (4)
  • Each member in the winning team gets a DJI Tello Edu Drone.
  • Dream Tank Youth Entrepreneurship Perk Pass - Annual membership
  • Best Medical Device Hack (4)
  • Each member in the winning team gets a Creality Ender 3D Printer
  • Dream Tank Youth Entrepreneurship Perk Pass - Annual membership
  • Best Community Resilience Hack (4)
  • Each member in the winning team gets Oculus(VR headsets)
  • Dream Tank Youth Entrepreneurship Perk Pass - Annual membership
  • more

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