Open Web Forum 2022 Hackathon

601 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5
601 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5

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Jun 13, 2022, 04:00 AM ()
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Aug 01, 2022, 03:59 AM ()



As part of the Open Web Forum 2022, the hackathon’s mission is to join creative minds with technical skills to come up with innovative ways of using sponsors’ technologies to develop innovative Web3 solutions to solve important real-world problems. Therefore, the hackathon is open not only to experts but also to beginners because abstractions are equally important as implementations. The hackathon is fully-online, lasts from June 13th to July 18th. Given the length of the hackathon, participants are expected to making ideas come to life.

During the hackathon, participants will have access to the official Discord server to ask questions to mentors and build meaningful relationships with the community members. Furthermore, participants will have a chance to be scouted for Le Crypto Fellowship, a programme led in collaboration with Frst to support curious founders with technical abilities by investing $100K followed by $700K in their projects.

This Hackathon is hosted by Fabric Ventures and sponsored by Tezos Foundation, RSS3, and Blockdaemon.

Fabric Ventures is a leading European crypto-native venture capital. Founded in 2012, currently with €400M AUM, Fabric aims to build, back, and accelerate the boldest ideas in Web3 and create a more open and fair economy.

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Feed - Challenge Description
  • Derived from the best out of RSS, RSS3 is an open information syndication protocol that aims to support efficient and decentralized information distribution in Web3. It defines the format of information presence and communication, with this elegantly designed, user-friendly content format, clients can easily access a variety of content sources in a uniform format without the need for extensive compatibility logic.
  • RSS3 will be updated with the latest version of the API at this event. RSS3 PreGod APIs are designed to be simple-to-use yet powerful enough to kickstart your dApps. You can effortlessly integrate Web3 feed from multiple sources into your dApps with just a few LOCs.
    • Track 1: RSS3 Feed Special Award
      • Let your imagination run wild while building a feed DApp that takes advantage of RSS3's feed.
        • Some ideas: A well-designed feed showcase product
    • Track 2: Open Track
      • Aim of the project: Use your imagination and feel free to build any DApp that excites you! The sky’s the limit.
  • RSS3 API Doc

Blockchain for digital assets revolves around the creation of unique digital representations of assets that go beyond traditional financial instruments. Blockdaemon empowers businesses to quickly deploy and iterate innovative blockchain applications. Using Blockdaemon's Ubiquity API, create an NFT project using the blockchain of your choice. Blockdaemon will be providing Ubiquity API for each participant which will be emailed to you as a receipt. This is not a charge. Best usage of the Ubiquity API for an NFT project wins. 


Tezos is an energy-efficient blockchain where developers, artists, entrepreneurs, brands, and others from around the world build and engage with a network of decentralized applications. Use Tezos Blockchain to create a gaming project. You can explore Tezos to discover how the classic games you love (like trading card games and puzzles, to name a few) are being reimagined on Tezos to create utterly revolutionary experiences; alternatively, you can journey through a wide ecosystem full of unique digital applications that opens up a whole new world to explore!


Prizes GBP 15000 in prizes

Main Prizes
GBP 5000

Sponsor: Blockdaemon

Social Feeds
GBP 5000

Sponsor: RSS3

GBP 5000

Sponsor: Tezos Foundation

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