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Aug 10, 2018, 02:30 AM
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Sep 16, 2018, 01:29 PM
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Update: The Hackathon event at Savitribai Phule Pune University starts on 29th September, 2018 and ends on 30th September 2018

In 2015, in an un-orthodox approach, 100 cities across India were challenged to compete against one another for fast-paced growth and submit a development plan. In this challenge, Pune city ranked 2nd among the hundred participant cities. The outstanding 45-day long plan was developed by engaging with over 3.5 million citizens of Pune covering 60% of the city population to understand their challenges and by engaging with experts to get insights and solutions for a smarter way of developing city.

Pune now envisages to solve these challenges by leveraging the power of crowd-sourcing. Pune Smart City is hosting its first ever ‘Hackathon’ in partnership with NITI Aayog – an event that will be a fast-paced challenge to develop technology solutions to citizen's leading challenges.

With an intent to co-innovate the solutions with the citizens, Pune Smart City invites the participants across the country to come up with inventive ideas and solutions. And guess what!! Pune Smart City incubates the best teams for refining the idea and deploying it in Pune and across India.

Put your thinking hats on and get a chance to co-produce the solutions to create real impact and influence the lives of citizens in Pune and beyond.

Team Guidelines

A good team would have the right mix of business and technology thinkers. As Smart city hackathon is a team event, the team is expected to develop and not just ideate the solution. Although Pune Smart city incubation center intends to provide necessary support to the teams, a good team would be self-sufficient to create (code for) the prototype.

Judging Criteria

The teams would be judged on following parameters:
1) Out of the box thinking (already existing vs new solution)
2) Completeness of the solution (stage: idea, development, prototype, deployment)
3) The practicality of the proposed solution
4) Cost-effectiveness of the solution
5) Ease of scalability
6) Sustainability of the solution
7) Quick to implement solutions would be appreciated


Cities across the globe, especially emerging markets, are witnessing significant urbanization. In the next 15 years, India will see about 200 million people migrating to cities, which is almost equal to the current combined population of the UK, France and Germany. To make the city a better place to live, Pune Smart City looks forward to solve challenges across five broad themes::

1) Water Management
2) Solid Waste management
3) Safety & Security
4) Public Health
5) Digital Connectivity

To solve challenges related to these themes, Pune Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (PSCDCL), the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporated for implementing Smart City Projects in Pune, is hosting a HACKATHON in collaboration with NITI Aayog and other leading partners.

The Hackathon participants are encouraged to put on the technology hats and provide sustainable solutions for the city across the five themes.

To make this Hackathon a level playing field for all, the teams will be evaluated on two separate tracks depending upon the maturity of their proposed solution.

Track 1 - Solutionthon: The ideal participating team would be a solution provider with ready and mature solution. The team would be expected to provide/develop a working platform/model which solves for one or more of the priority areas (refer problem statements) listed under one of the five themes.

The best solutions would get a chance to pitch their product to smart cities for commercial implementation along with support in scaling up their solution. Further the Smart City Hackathon will be a great platform to help these teams in taking their products to market.

Track 2 - Ideathon: The ideal participating team would propose an innovative solution which is not yet developed or deployed. The team would be expected to come up with a working prototype of the solution which solves for one or more of the priority areas (refer problem statements) listed under one of the five themes.

Under this track, Pune Smart City will help the best teams to develop their prototypes into full-fledged products. Also, these teams stand a chance to get access to VC's and incubators for funding support along with the other supporting infrastructure.

Water Management

While the city has abundant water supply at an aggregate level, Pune’s mass-scale urbanization will result in a water deficit in the long term. Water supply was voted as the second most important issue in the Citizen Engagement survey conducted by Pune Smart City. Inequality of water distribution among citizens is identified as the main challenge; while around 85 percent of citizens receive more t...

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Solid Waste Management

Despite being one of the top Indian cities with 57% waste segregation at source, solid waste management was voted as the third most important issue in the Citizen Engagement survey conducted by Pune Smart City. The city generates around 2,200 tons of solid waste a day. This is expected to grow further due to mass urbanization and the addition of 11 villages into PMC’s governance. Managing solid wa...

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Safety & Security

Citizens are already grappling with many urban challenges on a regular basis. Rapid urbanization is bringing along more challenges, including cities becoming more vulnerable to crime. Safety and security was a key issue raised in the Citizen Engagement survey conducted by Pune Smart City. Pune aspires to create a zero-crime area: a secure city that is safe for all sections of the society, particul...

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Public Health

Under the Smart City Mission guidelines, a smart city must provide healthcare access to all its citizens. Pune Smart City has also recognized this as a key implementation agenda for the city. Among the three levels of public healthcare – primary, secondary and tertiary, primary care is most crucial as it focuses on preventative and curative care, and reduces the long-term health risks for individu...

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Digital Connectivity

As one of the smart city initiatives Pune plans to increase the digital connectivity of the city to increase citizen engagement. The sharp focus on implementation, feasibility and impact will ensure that plans and proposals made are not just plans but real, effective solutions that will actually solve the city’s problems. Pune city has already installed more than 150 wi-fi hotspots which are acces...

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Prizes INR 10,00,000 in prizes

The best team, each in Solutionthon and Ideathon, across all the five themes combined will qualify for a cash reward of INR 2 Lakhs each. Three more teams in each track may qualify for an award of INR 1 Lakh each in the event that the entries are adjudged to be of exceptional quality by the jury.

What's more!!! The teams stand a chance to be potentially incubated by Pune Smart City.

Main Prizes
First Prize for Ideathon
INR 2,00,000
First Prize for Solutionthon
INR 2,00,000
Special Prize (6)
INR 1,00,000

Three more teams in each track may qualify for an award of INR 1 Lakh each in the event that the entries are adjudged to be of exceptional quality by the jury.

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