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Our Microsoft Business Solutions team is always looking for top talent in Azure and .NET to drink coffee with and enjoy the sunshine in Malta! So, hop on to our international hackathon to learn more about our exciting opportunities!

KPMG’s Microsoft Business Solutions team origins date back to 1996 when it first started providing professional services to clients, supporting with the design, delivery, and support of compelling solutions to help with their business opportunities and challenges.

Our Intelligent Cloud team is based on three areas of knowledge and capability with a proven track record in delivering a wide range of primarily cloud-based solutions.

Cloud Enablement helps organizations migrate, manage and get the most out of Azure through infrastructure architectures that can scale up to respond to future business needs.

Data and Analytics teamwork in a wide range of industries to enable organizations to distinguish noise from valuable business insights in their data.

Custom Application Development team transforms the specialized concepts into reality through unique user experiences.



During the pandemic, we have managed to successfully transition to a new way of working giving priority to our people. We truly believe that the success of working remotely is measured by the ability of an organisation to deliver quality work to its clients and most importantly to continue investing in its people. Watch these videos below to learn more about our team and click here to learn more about our careers.



Note: Preferred technologies include Microsoft .NET and Azure services. However, you are free to submit solutions in any technology of your choice.

Please choose any one of the below themes to work on.

Health Sector

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported that it had logged 1,316 positive flu cases in its surveillance network between September 2020 and the end of January 2021. During that same period last year, the CDC had recorded nearly 130,000 cases. What will the healthcare sector look like after COVID-19? The health and immunity care system for people worldwide will only look significantly different this time if, as we emerge from this crisis, we decide to take action to resolve these problems and bring about fundamental change. As Hospital care undergoes a significant transformation with clear guidelines for medical practitioners about hospital admissions during emergencies, we expect you to propose innovative process and digital transformation solutions for the healthcare industry post the covid-19 world. 


Application Idea

On-Demand Check-ups: How can we move routine health check-ups to an online service? How can the patient own the data?

Vulnerable People

New technology has been introduced in England to help clinicians identify, for the first time, a new group of people who may be at high risk from COVID-19. Over 800,000 adults will now be prioritized to receive a vaccine as part of the current vaccination cohorts. The impact of COVID-19 on people's livelihoods, their health, and our food systems have been very significant and risky. Now is the time for global solidarity and support, especially with the most vulnerable in our societies, particularly in the emerging and developing world. Utilizing the power of technology, how can we identify the most vulnerable people with the evolution of the virus? How can your next big idea support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of our society?


Application Ideas

Remote Patient Monitoring: How can we use wearable sensors and cameras to assure that vulnerable persons are well?

Business and Retail

The Fourth Industrial Revolution was supposed to unfold gradually and slowly, yet the pandemic catalyzed it. Businesses simply exploring the value of digitalization realized that it would be impossible to move further, ignoring the benefits of AI, XR, and IoT, among other technologies. Some trends that appeared during Covid will disappear, but we believe many of them are here to stay. So which tech trends will become our new reality, and how can we enhance the same using cutting-edge technologies? From a business strategy perspective, you need to explore and keep at the forefront of what is happening in the world, search for unique opportunities and listen to the seller’s needs until you discover a meaningful solution.


Application Ideas

Distraction Control: How can we control the constant flow of information from emails and asynchronous communication platforms to less distractive?

Local Communities

The world is changing and what we witnessed in the last months all over the world is the creation of a stronger sense of community: people supporting each other and companies getting together to fight the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The old world is over, as its rules. The new world is going to be different, with new rules. We are looking for some creative yet super effective ideas to help the local communities from all horizons. Example: signal detection to identify warning signs, probing and prevention to actively search and reduce risk factors, damage containment to limit its spread, recovery to normal operations, learning to glean actionable insights to apply to the following incident.


Application Ideas

Helping each other: How can a small community platform improve the quality of life of individuals securely? 


According to the most extensive published study of its impact on pupils in England, children studying for exams coming from disadvantaged families are the most likely to have suffered severe disruption to their learning and motivation during the pandemic. Unfortunately, private candidates have been the real victims of this whole process. Private candidates consist of home-schooled or private tutors thought students and students studying by distance learning. The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the remarkable rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. Research suggests that online learning increases information retention and takes less time, meaning the changes coronavirus has caused might be here to stay. We are looking for innovative solutions to improve the remote education experience. Design solutions that would improve and lift the educational sector and encourage people to learn new skills.


Application Ideas

Better Learning Experiences: How can students navigate the available information at their own pace, ensuring that the material is absorbed and educators are alerted when students face difficulties? 


After a year of disruption and intermittent lockdowns, the media and entertainment industry faces a world that’s been permanently changed. Above and beyond social distancing and sanitary measures, the film and TV business faces an uncertain future stretching from the foundations of production to the economics of consumption. Designing a new and innovative product can be a challenging process filled with uncertainties. Let us know how can you build solutions that are efficient yet easy to access for entertainment purposes. Example: Sports clubs have millions of fans forced to practice social distancing due to the pandemic. However, they need to keep fans engaged and entertained when life events and interactions are restricted to the larger public. Sports clubs leverage conversational chatbots to stay in touch with their fans 24/7, share valuable and entertaining information, and improve fan engagement.


Application Ideas

Entertainment events: What is the most effective way to obtain tickets? How can queues be managed effectively? How to manage audiences for shows or live events? What is the best way to buy food and drinks?


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