inCode 2023 — Challenging injustice

2873 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 6
2873 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 6

Winners are announced.

starts on:
Apr 20, 2023, 07:00 AM ()
ends on:
Jun 04, 2023, 08:59 PM ()
starts on:
Jun 18, 2023, 09:00 PM ()
ends on:
Jul 15, 2023, 08:59 PM ()



First annual hackathon in which engineers challenge injustice using technology.

One of the top 2 mobile travel services in the world is hosting a hackathon. We are looking for ideas and solutions to improve the safety and accessibility of city ride, traveling between cities or delivering goods.

Hackathon prizes = €16,000

Solve existing problems or come up with the ideal ride-hailing service!

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Safe rides for women, passengers with children, and drivers.

inDrive takes the safety of our users seriously and is constantly working on new security features.

Help us improve ride safety for millions of users.

Tech stack: Open to all


Comfort ride-hailing for people with disabilities.

Transportation is one of the most significant barriers between people with disabilities and their full participation in the community.

We suggest that you develop services that will help people overcome these obstacles and make ride-hailing accessible to people with disabilities.

Tech stack: Open to all

Ideal Ride Hailing

What the ideal ride-hailing service should look like.

Analyze your experience of city rides, traveling between cities, or delivering goods.

Think about what you are missing, come up with the perfect service, and implement your idea at our hackathon.

Tech stack: Open to all

Prizes EUR 16000 in prizes

In each of the three tracks, three prizes are awarded to the best teams

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Main Prizes
1st Prize (3)
EUR 3000

in each track

2nd Prize (3)
EUR 1500

in each track

3rd Prize (3)
EUR 750

in each track

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