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27364 Registered Allowed team size: 1
27364 Registered Allowed team size: 1

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starts on:
Oct 15, 2021, 04:00 AM ()
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Nov 23, 2021, 04:59 AM ()



Expand on your developer skills as you navigate your way through a digital city, eventually finding parts of a vehicle to escape.

HackerEarth brings you IBM Z Student Contest, powered by IBM Z Xplore, a thrilling contest that will combine the various skills you currently have or learned on the IBM Z Xplore learning platform.

Your mission? You will progress through several technical challenges to uncover various parts of an escape vehicle. By the end of the challenge you will have all of the parts of the vehicle to zoom out of the digital city. How to do this? There are many engineers scattered throughout the digital city and it is up to you to track them down, find the parts you need to assemble the vehicle of your choosing, and depart the city.

Although not required, we strongly encourage you to head over to the IBM Z Xplore learning platform and complete the Fundamentals and Concepts levels prior to starting the contest. The knowledge gained in the learning platform will help you get a good start on the competition and allow you to enhance your skills even further.

Note: This is a solo contest, there are no teams. You will complete the contest on your own.

Start learning now on IBM Z Xplore!

IBM Z Xplore is a learning experience available year-round to individuals interested in developing in-demand IBM Z skills, earning industry-recognized digital badges and redeeming rewards. The learning platform, open to individuals ages 18 years and older, takes learners through guided educational paths and code challenges in three progressive levels; Fundamentals, Concepts, Advanced

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Show Your Skills

Contestants can use the skills they can acquire through the IBM Z Xplore learning platform to tackle a sequence of connected challenges to assemble their escape vehicle:

  • Interrogate zOS datasets and libraries (PDS) to uncover the target parts needed to assemble the escape vehicle (Rexx, JCL)
  • Navigate through the ZFS filesystems to uncover hidden codes needed to trace the identities of the parts generators (Python, bash)
  • Extract identity portfolios from database systems (SQL), and implement code (COBOL) to unpack coded fields that point to the generator locations, and generate a notebook file (JCL)
  • Discover the location decoding service(s) needed to convert the location information into geocoded positions, and generate a map plotting display to show where to collect the escape vehicle parts (API, ZCX, Python, JSON, javascript)
  • Create a repeatable process (a “pipeline”) that can be triggered at the deadline to generate the output based on current information on parts, generators, and locations (JCL, bash, etc)

Prizes USD 10,500 in prizes

Main Prizes
Grand Prize - Global Winners (3)
USD 1,500
Asia Pacific
USD 1,000

1 regional winner

Middle East and Africa
USD 1,000

1 regional winner


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