Hackccelerate 2020

2125 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
2125 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

Winners are announced.

72 Hour Hackathon
starts on:
Oct 15, 2020, 06:25 PM ()
ends on:
Oct 18, 2020, 06:25 PM ()



In a world filled with tech products to serve the daily consumer, there are multiple factors that help a product succeed. Velocity is one of them - 'How quickly can you ideate and build a product to solve a consumer problem or optimize a consumer's experience?'. From ideating on how to solve a common problem to working on a prototype to going to market with your product, velocity is a factor that can help you be the first in an already packed ecosystem of consumer applications.

In that spirit, HackerEarth presents Hackccelerate 2020, a 72-hour hackathon that will put your skills to the test! So grab your coffee, snacks, and code your way to deliver an innovative tech product within 72 hours.

This hackathon is open to all developers who have an eye for design and a passion for coding & building tech products. Participants can either hack individually or as a team of up to four members.

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Health and Fitness App

Develop fitness pseudo web application targeting health-conscious people to track their habits assisted by registered nutritionists, pathologists, and health coaches in order to ultimately lower the risk of lifestyle disorders.

Minimum Requirement (entry-level)

  • Users can create personal profile gathering information such as fitness goals, age, gender, weight, and height.
  • Users can set objectives and goals as ‘Tasks’ with due dates.
  • Users can add their food intake to calculate and track calories.

Plus Point For (intermediate)

  • Gamification: Giving rewards/badges after marking a task as ‘Done’.
  • Social Media Integration: to share achievements or refer the app to spread the word.
  • Geolocation: Allows users to create different routes for walking, running and cycling.

Ideal Stack: MEAN stack, MERN Stack or any technology of your choice.

The Learning App

As schools around the world respond to the “new normal”, the need for remote learning tools has never been more urgent. Calling out all developers to build solutions that can help schools, educators, students, and their families to make the transition to distance learning easier.

Develop pseudo distance learning applications or online educational tools for remote learning that allow users to interact and a “classroom-like” environment.

Minimum Requirement (entry-level)

  • Users can register as Student, Teacher or Parents.
  • Virtual study group — Students can meet up on a common forum and prepare for their exams along with other students that are studying for the same subject matter.
  • Provide users with study material, tools, discussion helps, guides etc.

Plus Point For (intermediate)

  • Parents can check the notice board for any announcement (like snow/rainy day holidays, reports cards, fee due dates, attendance as well as upcoming school events) rather than communicating via email.
  • Parents/Teachers can upload photos, videos and other files that they may feel are important for children’s education.

Ideal Stack: MEAN stack, MERN Stack or any technology of your choice.


Main Prizes
First Prize
USD 150
Second Prize
USD 100
Third Prize
USD 75
Special Prizes
Certificate of Participation

A digital certificate will be given to participants from teams with the top submissions.

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