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Ideation Phase
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Aug 23, 2021, 07:00 PM
ends on:
Sep 25, 2021, 06:59 AM
Prototype Development Phase
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Oct 18, 2021, 08:00 AM
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Dec 04, 2021, 07:59 AM



Congratulations to the WINNERS

  1. 1st Place to Team Compu_Mundo  
  2. 2nd Place to Team jacek109_3801
  3. 3rd Place to Team Nagaraj231_da2d

Resideo is on the forefront of the next wave in consumer technology: the smart, connected home. With a history of creating innovative, reliable solutions, and deeply rooted distribution channels, our mission is to provide technology that delivers comfort, security and simplicity to the places people call home.

In our vision we imagine a world where homes and buildings are good for the planet, where technology works to simplify everyday life.  In that world, people are healthy, happy, and secure.  

Resideo is seeking innovators and solutions builders worldwide to help us realize this vision.  This Resideo Smart Home – Sensors and Analytics hack event is focused on sensors and analytics that bring value to our customer stakeholders.

So here is the challenge:

Create an IoT device that uses two or more sensor technologies that bring value to a homeowner or to a professional that serves a homeowner.

This two-phase event will culminate in at least $23,500 in prize monies paid to teams with top ideas and demonstrable prototypes (see terms and conditions). And it’s a great opportunity for global innovators to network with Resideo leaders and technology teams.


Sensor Technologies
  • Resideo is a world leader in bringing safety, security, and comfort to the residential market, and sensor technologies play a critical role to do this.  Thermostats that provide comfort to homeowners measure temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions through sensors in the device and positioned around the home.  Security sensors detect when a window or door is opened, a window is broken, and detects movement.  Air quality sensors are deployed to optimize and monitor air filtration systems.  
  • In this hacker event we are looking for novel combinations of sensor technologies that can bring value in any form to a homeowner, or to a professional that services a homeowner. 
  • We are looking for ideas for sensors that relate to comfort, security, safety, energy efficiency, water efficiency, environmental sustainability, predictive/preventative maintenance (reducing equipment operational or maintenance costs or downtime), or any other aspect of the home.  
  • Any sensor modality is allowed -- from the mundane to the elaborate.  Two sensor modalities contained within the same package qualifies (e.g. a temperature and humidity sensor in the same package counts as two sensors).
  • Sensors can include environmental, optical, imaging, inertial, or any other modality used in any combination.
  • There are no constraints on how or where the sensors are positioned or distributed.  They can be contained in a single device or distributed among two or more devices.
  • The Partners tab to the left contains valuable information from several of Resideo’s sensor suppliers/partners. You are encouraged to review this section and explore the offerings and support our partners can provide. However, you are not limited to these suppliers. Sensors can be sourced from anywhere.
  • Because we are asking for two or more sensor technologies to be used, this implies that some form of analytics will be required to fuse the information from multiple sensors into a value proposition.
  • The nature of these analytics and the novelty of the approach taken to derive value is an important element of this competition.  
  • There are no limits or constraints on the nature of these analytics.  They can be edge-based, cloud-based or any combination thereof.  They can be state-based algorithms or AI-based networks.  They can run on CPUs or GPUs.
The Homeowner
  • The homeowner is our primary stakeholder.  The device or devices invented in this competition will most likely be placed in and/or around their house.  
  • Value to the homeowner can come in any form.  It could be that it helps make them safer, more comfortable, or that it enables their home to be more energy-efficient.  It might make the air they breathe, or the water they drink safer.  It might reduce the cost to operate or maintain their home.  It might make them a better cook.  It could increase the value of their appliances.  It could make their pets happier or safer.  It could make them better neighbors.  It could increase the value of their home.  Or it could simply be fun and entertaining.  Anything goes.
The Professional
  • All homeowners, from time to time, rely upon professionals to service their homes. And we know that a majority of homeowners go to their local professionals for their expertise in installing and maintaining the major networks/systems of their homes (e.g. air, water, energy, security).  A winning idea in this event could be a device that aids a professional in bringing value to the homeowner.
  • Examples include the service technician that installs or maintains the HVAC system in the house, the pool maintainer, the gardener/landscaper, or the appliance repairman.
  • Another group of professionals that serve the homeowner are those that build someone a new home.   In this residential new construction segment, the designers, builders, and contractors could be a focus of this competition.
  • A winning idea might be a device the professional carries with them to do their job, or a device they are carrying that interacts with a device in the home, or a device that is always in the home providing information to the professional.


Phase 1 Prizes - $6,000

Main Prizes
1st Place Overall
USD 15,000
2nd Place Overall
USD 5,000
3rd Place Overall
USD 6000

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