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Department of IT, Karnataka realises the positive power of crowd sourcing, especially when the state has become a beacon for Mobile App developers in the country. Hence they have joined hands with Mobile 10X (An IAMAI initiative) to conduct an invitational Appathon on 09 Dec in Bangalore. The aim is to involve the ever growing tribe of Mobile app developers and invite their bright ideas to use mobile tech for better governance.

Various State Government departments want to leverage the unique combination of mobile tech and its massive reach to build crowd sourcing/reporting based solutions and build up data for realistic policy making. Among them, Five Problem statements have been selected and put forward as Challenges to the App Developer Community to come up with unique mobile based solutions. All the relevant Government departmentsare closely involved from identification of the problem onwards and will remain so until the implementation of the final solution.


  • Innovative ideas to introduce new G2C services or improve efficacy of existing services.

  • Utilise the reach and always-in-hand mobile facility to improve upon the existing web based G2C interactions.

  • Understand the existing working of the relevant departments (which are in public domain) to avoid duplication of solutions and easy adoption with existing web services.

  • A large number of socially conscious citizens are interested to contribute in solving governance problems.Citizens should see this solution as his/her own handy tool to be a part of the process in improving the system.

  • The ease of use and instant connect with the actions taken should encourage the citizens to spread the word and include more people in the system.

  • The system should be able to intelligently detect fraud/ incorrect complaints.

  • Utilise latest mobile tech components to enhance solutions

    • Location Based Services.

    • Heat Maps.

    • Geo-tagged photos.

    • Mobile based registrations.

    • Push services

  • To study the existing Apps (On Govt/Play Store) already available in the area and avoid submitting known solutions/ideas.

  • The Apps should be simple to understand & easy to use.

  • Participants are free to submit their idea prototype any Mobile platform (Android/IOS/Windows/Others).


  • 21 Nov 15: Open for Registrations
  • 22 Nov to 04 Dec: Submission of Prototypes.
  • 05-06 Dec 15: Selection of Top 25 Ideas.
  • 09 Dec 15: Conduct of Hackathon.


This Hackathon will coincide with conduct of India’s flagship event in the Technology Space ITE.Biz in Bangalore on 09-10 Dec 2015.

This event will be an 8 hour Appathon at one offline location where top 25 teams shall work on designing mobile apps to solve the selected five challenges.

A total of Rs 3.5 Lac prize money will be distributed to winners selected by a jury consisting of industry players and related Govt department representatives. The selected winners will also get an opportunity to closely work with the Government to take the winning idea to Pilot stage.


Engage, Inform & Educate the Job Seeker

Department: Department of Employment& Training

Existing Situation: About 350,000 youth are registered in the employment exchanges in Karnataka. The department maps employment opportunities to the Youth with requirements from various companies, government departments.Currently, they get engaged & Informed by the employment exchanges through:

  • Physical interactions like Job Mela or vis...

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Clean Bangalore for Swachh Bharat

Department: Department of Municipal Administration

Areas to address:

  • Help the socially conscious citizens of Bangalore use mobile tech and reach of mobile phone to contribute in Clean Bangalore and overall “Swachh Bharat” program.

  • Help citizen update the authorities about the situation on ground?

  • Use mobile tech help in Garbage Segregation in Bangalore?

  • Aid the authorities to ...

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Easy Reporting & Verification of Accident FIR.

Department: Department of Urban Land Transport

Target Audience:

  • All citizens who may ever need to report an Accident FIR.
  • Presently the citizens inform police on Police Help line but have to visit the Police station to file the FIR.
  • The police personal who reach the spot late may lose the opportunity to get the instant picture of the accident.
  • The statements of the involved parties ha...
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Make Bangalore a Child Labour Free zone

Department: Department of Labour

Existing Situation:

  • Presently, the citizens who want to report and follow up any child labour incident/practice with Department of Labour (Child Labour Monitoring Cell) can only do so on telephone or by visiting the department.

  • The other method of detection is by Random checks made by the department.

Areas to address:

  • Use the massive reach and tec...

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Easy Complaints Reporting and Redressal System.

Department: Department of Municipal Administration

Existing Situation:

  • Presently the citizens use the following methods to lodge a complaint /grievance with the Department of Municipal Administration.

    (i) Through Call Center
    (ii) Written Application
    (iii) On line Web Form

Areas to address:

  • Use the accessibility of mobile phones to improve upon the existing options of lodging compla...

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Main Prizes
First Prize
INR 100000
Second Prize
INR 75000
Third Prize
INR 50000
Special Prizes
Best Solution per theme
INR 25000

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