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enter image description here There are so many problems that occur in a city. For example, traffic accidents, crimes, diseases, fires, flooding due to leaks and heavy rains, road closures due to construction and fallen trees (sometimes cows), and other disasters and unforeseen events occur in many countries including India. Disasters themselves are big problems for sure, but bigger problems are the threats they pose to the safety of people's lives, the increased stress levels caused by congestion and traffic jams, and the negative impact on the economic activities of cities.

As one of the solutions to this problem, the Command Control Center is being introduced to collect information on various problems that occur in cities, analyze the data, and lead to solutions.

[Problem Statement] -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Most of the information gathered by the Command Control Center is mainly reports from citizens that called/texted the police and fire departments. Although public agencies provide information to the general public at once, they are not always able to support decision-making and selection of whether the information is necessary for each citizen. We think this situation is a problem to keep each citizen’ safety & less-stress social life.

On the other hand, map information such as Google Maps displays information on accidents, road construction work, traffic congestion, etc., and SNS such as Twitter share information on accidents and crimes along with location information, which may lead users to take action such as avoiding those places. However, there is a limit here as well, since SNS and map applications are not originally designed to solve these kinds of urban problems.

However, there is a high possibility that not only the police and fire departments but also private companies can work together to solve these urban issues. Through this hackathon, we would like to come up with new "Information gathering", "Expression and notification", "Approaches to problem-solving" in cities, and build an infrastructure that will allow various people to lead a stress-free life.

[Participation Criteria] -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Anyone who has a business &/or technology background can register & participate!


Along with theme, kindly check Submission Criteria

Command control using maps and location information

Instead of the current method where information is concentrated in public institutions and sent to citizens all at once, we expect to see new methods where information is collected and analyzed.

We would like to find various ways to collect various types of information (such as weather, disaster, traffic, health, and medical information), analyze it, and display the flow & location of people as well as things related to this information to solve problems.

For the collection of information, it is assumed that maps and location information will be used. (HERE, Google Maps, or other maps & location services.)

HERE is especially recommended to be utilized as Mitsubishi Corporation is a shareholder of them who develops the world's leading map data and location information technology platform; (corporate website) and (website for developers).

[Expected solution format]: Any tech solution which could solve the above statement (Web/mobile app, any software, IoT, AI etc.) that utilizing maps and location information

[Important point]: We would like to see ideas and proposals that are not limited to the conventional command center with a large screen display and terminals lined up in one place.

The following five points are defined as necessary functions for command control, and solutions that can realize these functions are preferred.

  1. The situation can be grasped not only with visible information but also with invisible information, and necessary information for judgment & decision-making can be collected.
  2. Information is shared "In real-time (or quickly)" and "With a presence feeling”.
  3. The necessary information is appropriately selected and presented to those who need it
  4. Decision-making support is provided to make appropriate decisions
  5. Detailed information is available along with a broad list of information

Prizes INR 3,50,000 in prizes

  • Cash Prize: 1st: 2 Lakhs INR / 2nd: 1 Lakh INR / 3rd: 50,000 INR
  • PoC opportunities: If the winner’ deliverable is feasible business for Mitsubishi Corporation India.
  • Participation Certificate will be provided to people who are selected for the hackathon round.
Main Prizes
INR 2,00,000
1st Runner Up
INR 1,00,000
2nd Runner Up
INR 50,000

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