Are you a beginner who just started to code? If you haven’t taken part in a hackathon before, this is for you. Beginner Hack is meant for developers and aspiring hackers to come and experience the world of hackathons.

Don’t know how to build apps? Don’t worry! We have your back. Beginner Hack comes with reference links and tutorials to help you get started and build apps for the hackathon.

If you have been honing your python skills, it’s time you give one of the most popular python frameworks a shot. Flask is a micro web framework written in Python. Read more about flask here.

You can join the Slack channel to connect and discuss with fellow hackers.

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Time to unleash the hacker in you.

How to create your own blog reference links

How to host your apps on GitHub


Personal Blog

Create a personal blog using flask.


Main Prizes
HackerEarth Tee Shirt (10)

Top 10 submissions will win HackerEarth tee shirts.

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