Assembly: Accumulate Blockchain Hackathon

595 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5
starts on:
Nov 08, 2021, 08:00 AM
ends on:
Jan 11, 2022, 07:59 AM


What is Accumulate?
Accumulate is a high-performance blockchain for DeFi, integrating blockchains, protocols, oracles, and applications, serving as a bridge for the new digital economy. Accumulate shifts the paradigm for how blockchains manage data, tokens, and users with an identity-based, Proof-of-Stake blockchain offering secure, scalable, and extensible features to power DeFi applications.

Hackathon: Accumulate is a brand-new protocol and we welcome all projects that utilize Accumulate in some way. We are particularly interested in three types of projects.

    Tools that make it easier for developers to develop on Accumulate
    Projects that help users to interact with Accumulate
    Decentralized applications developed on Accumulate


  • Developer Documentation
  • (check out the Deep Dive section to learn more about Accumulate concepts).
  • Github
  • Discord
  • (ask questions in the #hackathons channel).
  • Litepaper
  • Accumulate Home Page
  • Themes

    Development Tools

    Developers are our initial target audience for Accumulate because they are the ones who will build the cool applications that showcase what Accumulate can do. Any tools that help to streamline the development process and make the developers’ jobs easier are the unsung heroes of a healthy blockchain ecosystem.


    • SDKs for any popular language (Python, Ruby, C#, etc.)
    • CLI tools
    • Testing frameworks
    • Sandboxes

    Ideas for Development Tools 

    Apps on Accumulate

    Any tool that helps developers or users interact with the Accumulate protocol can fall under this list. Tools and services that help applications manage their on-chain operations or interact with the ledger will be extremely helpful in aiding developers.


    • Block explorers
    • GUI desktop clients
    • Faucets
    • Node-as-a-service

    Ideas for Apps on Accumulate


    This is the most user-centric category, as wallets are the premier way that users interact with blockchain protocols. The more wallets the merrier, but we’ll be especially impressed if it has a creative yet intuitive user experience, and strong security.


    • Mobile wallets
    • Desktop wallets
    • Browser plug-ins
    • Hardware wallet apps
    • Web wallet UI (connect using a hardware device or keystore file)

    Ideas for Wallets

    Bridges, Layers, Oracles

    The above three are so important that they needed their own category! Bridges allow users to bring tokens on other blockchain networks into the Accumulate ecosystem (or even between the various chains in Accumulate). Layers refers to segments of functionality that extend Accumulate and allow for even more use cases. Oracles bring real-world data on-chain for developers to use in their applications.


    • Ethereum cross-chain bridge
    • Smart contract layer
    • Price feed oracle

     Ideas for Bridges, Layers and Oracles

    Learning Tools

    The first step in anyone’s journey into a new technology is learning all about how it works! Accessible and thorough educational resources are integral to onboarding new developers and users and increasing adoption. The best learning tools are in-depth, easy-to-follow, and even fun!


    • Interactive Tutorials (think Codecademy)
    • How-it-works / core concepts videos & articles
    • Educational Playgrounds (think ETH.Build)

     Ideas for Learning tools


    Main Prizes
    1st Prize
    USD 5,000
    2nd Prize
    USD 2,000
    3rd Prize
    USD 1,000
    starts on:
    Nov 08, 2021, 08:00 AM
    closes on:
    Jan 11, 2022, 07:59 AM

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