AI Genesis Hackathon

2937 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5
2937 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5

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starts on:
May 12, 2023, 06:44 PM UTC (UTC)
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Jun 19, 2023, 06:55 AM UTC (UTC)


AI Genesis is an exciting and inclusive hackathon that aims to bring together creative minds to explore the transformative power of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

This unique event provides a platform for participants to delve into the world of generative AI and its applications across various domains such as art, music, gaming, and more. Whether you are an experienced developer, a passionate artist, or simply an AI enthusiast, AI Genesis offers an opportunity to showcase your skills, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and push the boundaries of innovation.


Game Development

Problem statement: Use generative AI to create or evolve game mechanics, characters, or your favorite game, or share an idea for a new game from scratch.

Overview: The generative AI system is capable of generating a diverse range of features with varying traits and characteristics that can interact with each other and the environment in meaningful ways.

  • The simulation environment must be complex enough to simulate the real-world challenges that creatures face, such as predator-prey relationships, competition for resources, and environmental pressures.
  • The game must be engaging and fun to play with enough depth and complexity to keep players interested over time.
Social media and Generative AI

Problem statement: Build a new algorithm using generative AI to detect deep fake videos and fake news on social media.

Overview:  One major issue is the potential for the creation and spread of fake news and misinformation through generative AI-powered content. AI-generated content can be manipulated to create fake news and false information that is designed to deceive and mislead social media users.

  • Addressing these challenges and concerns will require a multi-faceted approach that involves collaboration between social media platforms, AI developers, and regulators.
  • Develop new algorithms and technologies to detect and prevent the spread of fake news and deep fake videos, implement stronger privacy and consent policies, and educate users about the risks and potential benefits of generative AI on social media.
Visual art using generative AI

Problem statement: Develop AI algorithms that are capable of accurately interpreting and translating human instructions into complex visual art.

Overview: While visual art is often seen as an expression of human creativity, there is growing interest in the potential for AI to be used to create art based on human instructions. However, there are several challenges and considerations associated with using AI for this purpose. This requires a deep understanding of human artistic concepts and techniques, as well as the ability to generate images or designs that accurately reflect the intended aesthetic.

  • The AI system must generate high-quality visual art that reflects the user's desired style and aesthetics, while also adhering to the constraints and specifications of the task.
  • The AI system must be scalable and adaptable to serve a wide range of use cases and contexts, from personalized art generation to large-scale commercial applications
Music app using generative AI

Problem statement: Develop a music app using generative AI to provide personalized recommendations and new features to users.

Overview: The app needs to provide personalized recommendations for new music to users based on their listening history and preferences. Additionally, the app needs to generate playlists and mixes that are unique and diverse while still aligning with the user's interests.

  • The app must also generate original music in real time that complements the user's current activity or mood.
  • The app must offer an interactive and engaging experience that encourages the exploration and discovery of new music.
  • The app must be scalable and adaptable to serve users on various devices and platforms. Submission format
Open innovation using generative AI

Overview: Still can't discover the right theme for your big idea solution using generative AI?

The open innovation theme emphasizes your creativity while dismissing as many constraints as possible. Come up with innovative ideas that will benefit one and all. Build things, you believe in! We welcome solutions from all domains that address a pain point and leverage the benefits of generative AI. Put your thinking caps on and start sending in your creative ideas.


Main Prizes
1st Prize
INR 25000
2nd Prize
INR 15000
3rd Prize
INR 10000

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