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From traceable supply chains to permanent identity for refugees, blockchain is pioneering transparent and secure business processes. Blockchain technology provides new infrastructure to build the next innovative applications beyond cryptocurrencies, driving profound, positive changes across business, communities and society.

We are at an exciting phase in the evolution of Blockchain-based solutions, as we move from prototyping to pilots and production. This is especially true of Accenture, regarded as one of the top 10 biggest Blockchain companies. Accenture’s Blockchain developers work at the heart of the Blockchain technology landscape, working with multiple alliance partners - DAH, Ripple, R3, Microsoft, EEA, Hyperledger etc.

Accenture’s involved in a variety of “Blockchain for Good” programs including their involvement with the global ID2020 alliance of governments, NGOs and private sector committed to solving the challenge of the 1.1 billion people living without an identity. Read up on Accenture’s work in Blockchain.

Be part of the Accenture Blockchain Hackathon, where you get to work on some exciting real-life use cases.

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Accenture Facebook Live Event

We urge you to join Accenture’s Facebook live event to know more. In case you have already registered for the hackathon, this is your chance to know about the Blockchain practice at Accenture and for getting solid tips on the hackathon!

Following are the details of the live event:

When - 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM, July 31st

Where - Accenture in India Facebook page.

Speakers –

i) Sanjeev Narsipur
Managing Director and Lead, Blockchain
Accenture Technology Centers in India

ii) Deepak Lalan
Associate Director, Blockchain
Accenture Technology Centers in India


Architecture would have substantial weightage in the Idea Phase. The solution should follow modular architecture to ensure the isolation of changes to modules and flexibility. Monolithic coding is highly discouraged. Use dummy data wherever required. The data can be read from an excel file to minimize integration efforts.

Click here to download the Idea Submission PPT Template, based on which you have to make your idea submission PPT. The submission of this PPT is mandatory in the idea phase.

Although a few must-have features have been mentioned against each theme, you are encouraged to go beyond those features and showcase your innovative streak. Ensure that you use core principles of blockchain, of decentralized control, immutability, consensus mechanism, distributed storage of data and Smart Contracts to achieve a transparent, decentralized and trusted solution. Your submission should clearly explain how your solution leverages blockchain principles and why blockchain is the core component of your solution.

Your team must select one theme from the below list and submit your entry. Each theme will be allowed to have limited entries. Once it exceeds the limit, that theme will be marked as Oversubscribed. You cannot select an Oversubscribed theme. You are encouraged to submit your ideas as soon as possible.

Blockchain for Social Initiatives

Blockchain can have a tremendous impact in the social sphere. It can improve the graduation rates of girl children by automatically generating cash payments to families when their daughter achieves a 90% attendance rate. Imagine 50% of the proceedings from a concert being automatically donated to a specific charity. Organizations can also coordinate the resources offered to a refugee and maintain ...

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Blockchain for Identity Management

Many people have no way to prove their identity. Further, identity records are usually dispersed across multiple databases making it difficult to maintain a consistent and updated version of identity of a person across multiple systems. There is a need for a mechanism that provides a verifiable digital identity for these individuals. Blockchain at its core, is a new type of Database system in a wa...

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Blockchain for Know-Your-Customer

Each financial institution has to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines before onboarding any customer. As a result, every time a customer wants to open a new account, the financial institution needs to collect and verify the customer’s documents. This is a time-consuming and expensive process. As blockchain uses distributed ledger technology and provides an immutable audit history of an...

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Blockchain for Tracking lineage of products

As each block always refers to the previous block, Blockchain can be used to track the complete history of any asset that is present on blockchain. This track-and-trace feature of blockchain can be used to solve for inefficiencies in the supply chain, verify authenticity of products, and track the entire lifecycle of any product. Create a Blockchain app that provides the entire history of that ass...

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Blockchain for Asset Trading

The transfer of value has always been an expensive and slow process. Blockchain technology and its decentralized mechanism can introduce transparency and speed up this process, thereby reducing complexities and costs. Create an app that enables buying and selling of assets on blockchain. The app would be used by buyers and sellers. A seller can list the asset to be sold on the platform along with ...

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Blockchain for Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is an innovative way of leveraging the power of community to solve complex challenges. Blockchain, with its decentralized mechanism can be used to distribute incentives to the contributors in a trusted and transparent manner. Create an app that can be used to gather the inputs from multiple contributors, assign a quality score to each input, and automatically pay tokens to the contri...

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Blockchain for Digital Rights management

Digitalization has transformed the way in which content is being published and consumed by users. With the growing digital content commerce, digital rights distribution and contract management are of prime concerns among authors, publishers and other stakeholders. Blockchain enables a fair-trade ecosystem giving an increased control over royalty distribution and terms of use among different stakeh...

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Blockchain for Smart Wallets

Digital Wallets are secure systems that store payment information and passwords of users for a range of payment methods and websites and are designed to hold digital tokens (such as cryptocurrencies). With the use of Near Field Communication technology, Digital wallets can be used to complete purchases even more easily and quickly. Your app should quickly validate the subscriber’s identity which i...

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Prizes INR 3,00,000 in prizes

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INR 2,00,000

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Best Architecture
INR 50,000

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Best User Experience
INR 50,000

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