Women's Day

Online Hackathon

March 6-8, 2015

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An initiative to encourage women in tech

The last time men and women were equally distributed in tech was 1993. As of 2014, only 19% of the tech work force are women.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, we are calling all women programmers to participate in 3 days of non-stop coding. Either hack individually or as a team of two. Build products around the themes of productivity, social and fun/gamification.

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  1. Only 20% of all programmers in the world are women (IDC Report)
  2. 5 Million developers in India of which 18% are women (IDC Report)
  3. 37% of all programmers are in SEA, with majority of them in India.
When is it?
March 6-8, 2015
Where do I register?
It's an online hackathon, please fill the form below to participate.
How do I submit my project?
When you login, go to the 'Project Submission' tab. Write about your project and answer all the questions. This will be accessible once online hackathon is live.

Macbook Air

iPhone 6

iPad Air
Top 15 teams or individuals get $100 worth of gift certificates each
* Each member of the winning team will receive the prize.
A 3-day online Hackathon from 6th March 12:00 PM IST, 2015 to 8th March 11:59 PM IST, 2015
Individual or a team of maximum 2 participants. Each member of the winning team will receive the prize.
Participation restricted to women.
Participants can build web/mobile apps on any one of the themes.
A panel of industry and technology experts will review and select the top projects.
Hackathon Themes
Apps that are useful in daily life. A task list manager? A context aware reminder system? It is completely up to you.
Social Welfare
A warning system for natural calamity? Apps for women empowerment & security? The possibilities are limitless.
What's coding without a little bit of fun? Build an innovative game. Could be the next flappy bird, or even the next Angry Birds. You've got 3 days to convert your imagination to reality.
Multi-Channel Retail
This is for the women who love shopping! Apps that help in making better buying decisions? Think of how can retail chains use technology to be more consumer friendly!
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