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About Indiahacks

Who is a hacker? Hacker is an attitude of passionate curiosity. Hacker is a culture of excellence. Hacker is a mind set of innovation. Hackers built the internet. Hackers built the personal computer. Hackers built the mobile phone. Hackers built everything that is awesome today.
The world needs more Hackers. So, we're calling out the -
This is the time to bring out the hacker in you. And it can only be done in one way - Let's hack! Let's hack awesome and useful things. Let our code define what it means to be a hacker.
Phase I (Online)
The first phase is a series of online hackathons and programming contests. Top 20 winners from each track will be invited to the second phase.
Phase II (Offline)
The second phase is a large offline hackathon and a conference, which will be conducted in Bangalore - stay tuned for more details
Phase I (Online)

3 Programming tracks
Algorithms are the building blocks of programming It is crucial to use optimized algorithms to make applications perform better. This challenge will consist of problems to test your knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
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Artificial Intelligence aims to make computers behave like humans. It has been used in a variety of fields including scientific discovery, robot control, remote sensing, stock trading, medical diagnosis, law etc. In this challenge, you will need to build an AI bot that plays a two-player game (like chess or tic-tac-toe) with other bots.
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Today, the world is accumulating data at a tremendous rate with ever increasing volume, variety and velocity. This data contains information of great value, but only if you can extract the right inference from it. This track is all about using machine learning algorithms to process data in a meaningful way.
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6 Hackathon tracks
Like other fields, innovation in financial services have just begun to come through with the rise of technology, but this field is more complicated than others; you're playing with money. If you can build innovative financial solutions that either benefits a customer or helps investors and bankers make better decisions while building a cyber fort Knox, then FinTech needs you.
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The fact that devices can now be connected to each other, share data and take intelligent decisions by talking to other devices opens up opportunities that were previously unthinkable. It can disrupt the way we interact with our surroundings. Build applications on IoT that help us improve our experience in our day to day life.
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With close to a million games on both Android and iOS, gaming is the most popular category of apps on the mobile platform. Web enabled games on PC has only seen more adoption year on year. And since both these platforms are less than 10 years old, it means there’s a huge wave coming for game developers. Are you ready to ride it?
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Starting from early 1980s, Open source gained serious traction in 1990s, with the rise of Linux. Today open source tools are used by billions of users across the world. Open source largely relies on collaborative efforts of enthusiastic contributors around the world. This is a unique track where you will get a chance to contribute to open source.
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E-commerce has changed everyone’s shopping behavior. The ability to sit at your home, browse through millions of products and shop with a few clicks is revolutionary. But a lot of things can be improved. Build apps that help in better buying decision, make the operations process simpler or just makes e-com more consumer friendly.
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Humans, around the world, commute millions of miles every single day. Be it in the form discovery, aggregation or purchase, technology has played a very significant role in the travel and transportation industry. Imagine how technology can make public and private transportation much simpler or provide a better user experience.
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Phase II (Offline)

The second phase of IndiaHacks is an offline developer conference. The top 20 teams/individuals from each of these tracks will be invited to this conference, where they will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. The winners of IndiaHacks will be decided at the offline conference. You can also request an invite for this conference by emailing
We are calling all the passionate programmers to come and join us in India's biggest technical conference.
Detailed Schedule

8th January
Bot Challenge
8th January
15th January
Machine Learning
15th January
Internet of Things
22nd January
Game Development
22nd January
Online Commerce
29th January
Travel and Transportation
29th January
Open Source
06th February
Coming Soon
Prizes to be won

Top 50 hackers in each track will win these cool prizes
Trip to San Francisco + Round trip flight tickets + Visit to some cool tech companies
Xbox + Headphone (Audio Technica)
GoPro Hero 4
Oculus + Leap motion
Smart Watch Pebble
The Arduino Starter Kit
(Official Kit from Arduino with 170-page Arduino Projects Book)
7th - 10thPrize
Raspberry Pi 2
11th - 20thPrize
Gift Vouchers
1st - 50thPrize
HackerEarth Goodies
be a contributor

Speak at IndiaHacks
There are 9 technology tracks in IndiaHacks and we're running a series of talks and podcasts in the lead up to the event. Submit a proposal.
Conduct a workshop
if you're a college student or a tech enthusiast, conduct a workshop in your college/community on any one of the IndiaHacks tracks. Submit your proposal.
Tell the world you're hacker
Follow simple steps to claim your hacker avatar:
  1. Go to the Claim Your Hacker Avatar page.
  2. Join via Facebook.
  3. Share through Facebook.
  4. Download your photo or Update your profile pic.
Do you have friends passionate about programming?
Refer them to IndiaHacks and win these amazing prizes.
moto g
(3rd Generation)
smart watch
Top 50
winners will also get HackerEarth merchandise.

  1. There are 9 different tracks in IndiaHacks. Each track has its own rules and conditions. You must adhere to those rules while participating in the individual tracks.
  2. There can be a maximum of 2 people in a team.
  3. The top 20 teams/participants from each track will be invited to an offline hackathon where the winners will be declared.
  4. The prizes listed below are for each track individually.
  5. You can participate in multiple tracks during the online phase, but at the conference you can participate only in 1 track.
  6. If you qualify in multiple tracks, you will be invited for the track where you have the highest rank.
  7. Any case of plagiarism/cheating in any of the tracks will result in disqualification.
  8. Decisions of HackerEarth will be final and binding.
  9. The sponsored trip to San Francisco, is subject to Visa availabilities. In the case of being unable to process a visa for a winner, an equivalent prize worth 2,000 USD will be awarded.

  1. Can I participate in multiple tracks?
    Yes, you can participate in multiple tracks during the online phase, but you will be shortlisted for only 1 track in the offline phase.
  2. How many teams will be shortlisted for the offline conference?
    20 teams/participants from each track will be shortlisted for the offline conference.
  3. In case of team events, do both the team members have to participate from the same place?
    No, team members can be located anywhere around the world.
  4. For Hackathons, will you accept pre-built products?
    No, you cannot submit products/apps that you have already built. Anything that you build during the contest should be novel.
  5. What’s the eligibility criteria for participating?
    There is no criterion for participation. If you know how to code, IndiaHacks is for you.
  6. Will International participants be considered for prizes?
    IndiaHacks is open to everybody for participation and whoever wins will be awarded the prizes.
  7. Will my travel be sponsored for offline conference?
    If you are shortlisted for the offline conference and you are in India at that point of time, your travel to Bangalore and the stay here will be sponsored by us. If you are not in India during the conference, you can participate remotely.
  8. Can I attend the offline conference, even if I am not shortlisted in the online phase?
    Yes you can attend the conference, even if you are not shortlisted in the online phase. Details about the offline conference will be updated soon.
  9. Are all first prize winners eligible for a trip to San Francisco?
    The sponsored trip to San Francisco, is subject to Visa availabilities. In the case of being unable to process a visa for a winner, an equivalent prize worth 2,000 USD will be awarded.
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