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StashAway Backend Hiring Challenge

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If you are a world-class engineer and eager to challenge yourself in an open-minded and refreshing environment, you may be the right person that StashAway is looking for to join our expanding Technology team.

At StashAway, we run a scalable and ever-evolving tech-stack based on Lagom/Akka (Event Sourcing / CQRS), Scala, Python, Node.JS, React, React Native, Cassandra, Kafka, Airflow, Docker, Kubernetes, Redshift, Snowplow, AWS, and more.

Recruitment Process:

  • Step 1: Registration on HackerEarth
  • Step 2: Online assessments
  • Step 3: Result announcement based on candidates scores and resume
  • Step 4: Video interview (60 minutes) with Tech Team Lead to go through technical concepts and online assessment, and understand job fit
  • Step 5: Video interview (60 minutes) with Co-founder & CTO to discuss and work on a case study, and understand team fit
  • Step 6: Video interviews (30 minutes each x 2) with a fellow engineer and Co-founder & CEO to understand culture fit


  • Candidates with 3+ years of experience are eligible for this challenge
  • Skills: Java, Kotlin, Scala, and/or Python


  • Programming question (restricted to Java, Scala, Kotlin)
  • MCQs in Kotlin, Scala, Java, and Python

Read the blog from Stashaway's Engineering team. Link to blog -


SG - Backend Engineer
Experience: 3 years+
CTC: $6,000 - 8,000
Job Location: Singapore


Do you have a product-first approach when building software? Are you experienced with backend development and constantly finding ways to improve existing infrastructure, platforms, and frameworks? Do you enjoy working in an entrepreneurial environment with a talented, fun and energetic team who is running at full speed to redefine the way people invest?

We are currently expanding and looking for a motivated Backend Engineer who have a passion for building robust and scalable systems for customer-focused financial products.

You are responsible for translating high-level business requirements for new products and features into the services and data models that power them. You will work to design, build, and support many of the core systems powering StashAway's financial software, from cash flow and transaction libraries to our financial computation engine, You like thinking critically about how to architect and build new components in a performant and scalable manner.

You will need to leverage the entire technology stack to realise these goals, and will be part of a team that is constantly tackling difficult questions of scale, architecture and interaction. You will develop experience with the full stack across different backend systems, restructuring existing systems, extending their functionality as well as building entirely new services from the ground up in the area of Operations, Compliance, Trading and Banking.

Your contribution to a dynamic Technology team allows you to be exposed to a variety of concepts and technologies. You will enjoy being able to have a direct impact on StashAway's internationalisation plans, and the development of features and new investment products.

We have assembled an agile stack of microservices primarily written in Scala, Kotlin, Python, Go, and JavaScript that is organised in Kubernetes and runs on AWS, communicates via Kafka and persists data in Cassandra, MongoDB, and Postgres databases. We heavily utilise Event Sourcing as a data modelling and persistency concept for our core trading system.

We strive to keep most of the services simple and robust so they are easy to develop, test and maintain allowing us to iterate quickly and productively.

Do check out StashAway's Engineering blog to learn more about the technology we use, the challenges we face, and the solutions we deliver!


  • Design new services and enhance existing process and data flows with suitable modern technologies.
  • Work on cutting-edge technology and be part of modern software development practices (e.g. agile and self-sufficient teams, continuous integration and deployment, test automation, cloud-based infrastructure, and tooling).
  • Design and implement solutions to handle high levels of traffic, in a rapidly scaling environment.
  • Dive deep into technologies that you are not yet familiar with and work out concepts and best practices for our stack.
  • Write testable, clean, efficient code that can be confidently released in production.
  • Work closely with Product and Business teams to produce high-quality results.
  • Understand the importance of scalability, self-healing, performance, profiling, data, and security when developing and maintaining backend services.
Requirements Must-Haves:
  • Bachelors' or above in Computer Science, related field, or equivalent professional experience
  • 3-5 years of experience developing distributed systems or building a larger application from scratch
  • Deep experience in at least one of the following programming languages: Python, Kotlin, Scala, Ruby, or even JavaScript
  • Self-driven, has strong sense of ownership and able to work and learn independently
  • We have an annual Learning & Development budget of S$1,000/year for you to take charge of your upskilling and learning!
  • Comfortable with numbers and motivated by steep learning curves
  • Developed mission-critical products, e.g. trading platforms, medical applications
  • Basic knowledge of finance and trading
  • Preferably some exposure to CQRS / Event Sourcing patterns
  • Basic understanding of infrastructure (e.g. databases, message queues, Docker)


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StashAway is the faster way to reach your financial goals. As a digital wealth management platform, we design personalised portfolios and monthly investment pla...



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