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Haskell@Juspay Hiring challenge

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Congratulations to the shortlisted participants!

Shortlists were made by Juspay's team. The shortlist was created based on the following parameters

  • Years of Experien...



Challenge Overview:

Juspay Technologies is looking for Functional programmers to join their team in Bangalore. You are just 2 hours away to complete your first step to joining Juspay. 

Recruitment Process:

  • Step 1: Registration on HackerEarth 
  • Step 2: Online assessment 
  • Step 3: Result announcement based on candidates scores and resume 
  • Step 4: 2 days hackathon in Juspay's office

 Challenge Format:

  • Online challenge
    • 3 Programming Questions - No Language restriction
  • 2-Days Hackathon  
    • Selected candidates will be informed with the hackathon details


  • YOE - 1+ years of industry experience
  • Skills -  Functional Programming (Experience not Mandatory)


Backend Developer
Experience: 1 years+
CTC: 10 L - 30 L
Job Location: Bangalore
Openings: 15

Who are we looking for?

This mind-boggling vision requires nothing less than a magical approach. We are looking for magicians who can leverage FP to cast out magic through their code. We are looking for Inventors who can pioneer the next big technological inventions in payments

  • Responsible Creator: Who are ready to take up big responsibilities and endure pain to conquer them?
  • Development Artist: Do you see aesthetic in your code?
  • FP seeker: Are you curious about FP or have identified FP as your way?

If you resonate with any of the above, you might just be the right person for the role.

What do you get?

  • It is your Day 0! And you will be working on production critical projects and developing proprietary frameworks
  • HARDDD Problems that push you to the edge of solutioning
  • You’ll unleash your 10x potential in Juspay FP ecosystem

Not believable yet? Let us share few real success stories at Juspay

  • Our DUI Framework, which is a core part of our SDK , has 140M+ users and 200M+ SDK installs was developed by an Intern
  • BHIM, the UPI payment app used by 10M+ users was built by a Developer with <6 months experience
  • The average age of creation (if there exists a metric like that? ;)) << 24 years



Juspay’s vision is to enable seamless payments and credit for the billion people in India. We process 5M transactions in 200M SDKs installs. Most apps in India ...



  1. Before you attempt programming questions, you should choose a language from the given list.
  2. All inputs for the programming problems are from STDIN and output to STDOUT.
  3. ...


Can I participate in a sample challenge?

Yes, we recommend that you participate in our sample challenge.

This challenge enables you to understand how to participate in pr...

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