Honeywell Aerospace Design Challenge 2017

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starts on:
Jan 05, 2017, 10:30 PM
ends on:
Feb 05, 2017, 09:30 PM


  • What are the themes?
    "Designing trustworthy & reassuring experiences towards enhanced Situational Awareness” for any/all areas of: (a) Communication (b) Navigation (c) Surveillance

  • Who can participate in the competition?
    Undergraduate and graduate design students currently enrolled at a college or university. The competition is open to all design students and upcoming design graduates (graduation taking place in 2017 or anytime after).

  • What the team size I need to have?
    The maximum number of people in a participating team is 2. You can also participate solo if you wish to but there are no extra points for that.

  • Can I submit more than one idea under a single theme?
    No. You can only submit one idea per theme.

  • Can I opt for more than one category?
    You can select one or more category options available which are communication, navigation and surveillance.

  • How do I register for competition?
    You can register by clicking on registration button. Registration is open till 15th Feb 2017.

  • How do I submit my entry?
    You can submit your entry in the prescribed format by clicking on submission tab on left hand side menu.

  • What is the last date for submission?
    Sunday 5th Feb 2017 (23:59.59 IST) Remember, you can submit your entry anytime once you have registered. So it is advisable to register asap to get max time to work on your submission.

  • What should my submission include and what format should it be in?
    As an entry for AeroChallenge 2017, students are expected to submit a pdf document that covers 1 slide each for the following components;

    • Description of the chosen design focus and proposed solution, with a summary of the approach taken.
    • Example of User studies and its analysis (Photos & Video).
    • Few examples of sources of design inspiration (secondary research on design and system).
    • Sketches, renders and models of design concept generations.
    • Scenarios depicting how the solution fits in the life of users and solves problems/engages them.
    • Details of final design (Video of Final concept).

    Note: Submission must cover all the points mentioned above. Submission format must be in power point or pdf, and videos. Please be sure that submission is not the copy of any published concept, design, paper or patent.
    This submission has to be made latest by Sunday 5th February 2017 (23:59.59 IST).

To share videos for design entries please follow the following 3 steps. 1st step: videos must be uploaded on YouTube. 2nd step: After uploading please ensure that it is unlisted under privacy settings. 3rd step: After changing it to unlisted, share the link under the submission tab on Honeywell AeroChallenge site.

  • What happens when I submit my entry?
    Once you submit your entry, they will be evaluated by a panel of judges from our Honeywell India and US teams. Then top 6 shortlisted entries will be allowed to present their ideas in front of our fellow judges in Honeywell Bangalore India Campus on 24th Feb 2017

  • When will the top 6 entries be announced ?
    Top 6 shortlisted entries will receive a confirmation mail including itinerary details from AeroChallenge team after 10th Feb 2017

  • When will the finalists be announced?
    24th Feb 2017

  • Who will be the judges?
    The entries will be evaluated by an internal Honeywell panel of judges comprising of Subject Matter Experts, industry experts, end users from aerospace industry and the internal Honeywell design team.

  • What are the prizes ?
    1st Price iPad Pro with Pencil, 2nd Price Gopro hero 4 silver.

  • Does a winning position ensure me an internship offer at Honeywell?
    No. But the winners of the competition will be eligible for an internship and will be offered a chance to intern based on opportunities that Honeywell decides suitable. The internships are therefore not promised.

  • Which all design schools have participated in Aero Challenge so far?
    All top design colleges of India have been part of the contest for past two years. To name a few :

    • National Institute of Design – Ahmedabad
    • National Institute of Design – Gandhinagar
    • National Institute of Design – Bangalore
    • Indian institute of Technology – Kanpur
    • Indian institute of Technology – Guwahati
    • IIIT Jabalpur
    • Symbiosis, Pune
    • Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi
    • GD Goenka School of Fashion & Design
    • MITD, Pune
    And many more….

This year there are several new colleges that have been added to the list.


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