Welcome to the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe!

For 24 hours we will be looking for solutions from variety of fields. Sports, Nature, and Social issues are only the beginning. Our partners have also prepared special tasks for you, so make sure to check them out!




The number of pressing social issues is growing everyday. There are so many people living in extreme conditions needing our help. Think of poverty, homelessnes, lack of accessibility to clean water to so many people, and then imagine how technology can help it. Or simply take a look around in your everyday life. Pollution, matter of accessibility, diversity or unemployment, as well as security, u...

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What comes to your mind when thinking of extreme sports? Advanced ways of analyzing trainings data, tracking devices on a completely new level, solutions for preventing injuries? The number of ideas is unlimited. Concerened that you don't know much about extreme sports? No worries, we've got you covered! We're bringing in amazing people who do extreme sports on everyday basis to inspire you and p...

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Nature often shows its beatufiul and mesmerizing face, yet sometimes nature leads to dangerous and devastating anomalies. Floods, fires, or eathquakes - extreme natural disasters need better ways of preventing, analyzing, warning and reacting afterwards. Have you ever thought of ways to prevent such situations? XNature is the category where you can implement your ideas and give them a go together ...

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TA-X by Ministry of Finance

For many years, European businesses have been exposed to an unfair competition and dumping prices offered by VAT fraudsters. As a result, the EU-countries were losing over 50 billion Euro per annum. Polish tax authorities are currently implementing new IT systems, aimed to identify artificial business arrangements and stop the VAT-frauds. Help our agents track VAT fraudsters! Are you up to the ch...

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X-CITY by the City of Kraków

In the "CITY" track you can contribute to raising the level of security in the city by suggesting the use of data analysis. Thanks to your solutions, #Krakow will get a spatial view of when and how many car accidents have occurred, and this will make spatial analyses easier! You can contribute significantly to safety on Krakow roads!

It’s not ending with working on the tool and using real data. Y...

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Have you ever though that your social media accounts can bring you tangible benefits? Do you know you can actually monetize time spent on social pages? Nowadays more and more people are using publicly available data from multiple social media platforms to build their knowledge base and plan their actions. Financial knowledge should not be an exception. Someone who understands financial markets mak...

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Use DL & AI to make driving and transportation easier, safer, smarter.

Details: https://hackyeah.pl/tasks/Luxoft1_rules.pdf https://hackyeah.pl/tasks/Luxoft1_reg.pdf


The Estimote Challange will take you to the world of beacons and intelligent locations. Your goal will be indeed to use our beacons to solve real problems, affecting thousands of people. These problems can include major global issues such as poverty or climate change. You can also tackle more trivial problems such as long queues or lack of professional service. We’ll provide you with 2 types of de...

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General information will be released soon

Luxoft Task 2

Pure Math and No Magic! Check if the following hypothesis is correct: “Current Mathematics does not have the tools to prove it.”


https://hackyeah.pl/tasks/Luxoft2_rules.pdf https://hackyeah.pl/tasks/Luxoft2_reg.pdf

Prizes PLN 100,000.00 in prizes

Stay tuned. More prizes to be announced soon!

Main Prizes
PLN 10,000.00

Sponsored by LOTTO

PLN 10,000.00
PLN 10,000.00
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