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ThoughtWorks Singapore Code-A-Thon

Challenge Over

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The challenge has been postponed to 24th May 2015 due to logistical reasons.

ThoughtWorks Singapore is calling all programmers in Singapore and ASEAN to showcase their programming skills in a one day programming contest - Code-A-Thon.

  • Participation is restricted to programmers from Singapore and ASEAN only.
  • Only contestants from Singapore and ASEAN will be able to take part in the final round at ThoughtWorks office, who will be considered for prizes.
  • All participants need to enter NRIC/ FIN to participate in the challenge. This is mandatory

Contest format:

Code-A-Thon will run in two phases:

Phase 1: This will be an elimination challenge. You will need to top the leaderboard to move into Phase 2.

Phase 2 : Top 15 performers from Phase 1 will take part in a 2 hour programming challenge at the Singapore ThoughtWorks office. Winning programmers will be rewarded with exciting prizes. Find more information about Phase 2 in the Instructions section.


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  1. Participation is restricted to Singapore and ASEAN.
  2. Phase 1 will be a 6 hour online contest. A computer with a broadband internet connection is all you need to take up th...
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