SETTER: Vaibhav , Akash , Prateek , Lewin , Shubham TESTER: Prateek , FatalEagle , pkacprzak

January Circuits '17

Challenge Over

OPENS AT: Jan 20, 2017, 09:30 AM

CLOSES ON: Jan 28, 2017, 09:30 AM

DURATION: 8 days


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Solutions of the Setter and Tester was wrong for Problem 7. This is a big mistake from our side. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Due to this, the January Circuits will ...



We are conducting a marathon competitive programming challenge January Circuits starting from 20th January. The objective of January Circuits is to challenge the talented and creative minds in competitive programming with some interesting algorithmic problems.

The participants will be challenged by Multiple Problem Setters with 8 problems of varying difficulty levels in a duration of 8 days. Here is the detailed time line of the challenge,

  • Day-0 : Problem-1 (Easy) , Problem-2 (Medium), Approximate
  • Day-2 : Problem-3 (Easy-Medium) , Problem-4 (Medium-Hard)
  • Day-4 : Problem-5 (Easy-Medium) , Problem-6 (Medium-Hard)
  • Day-6 : Problem-7 (Hard)
  • Day-7 : Challenge Ends

We will publish a new set of problems every 48 hours (Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard).

The smartest ones will be awarded cash prizes,

  • First Prize: $100
  • Second Prize: $75
  • Third Prizes: $50

Top 5 will also win HackerEarth T-shirts.


Problem Setter:

Problem tester and editorialist: Fatal Eagle

- In order to be able to claim your prizes, your HackerEarth profile must be completed more than 50%.
- The prizes will be disbursed in the first week of the following month.
- Ratings of the particular challenge will be updated in the user profile within 5 days after the challenge is over


  1. For the programming questions in the test, you need to choose one language from the given list and attempt.
  2. All inputs for the programming problem are from STDIN and outpu...


Where is the challenge happening?
The challenge is completely online. After the start date/time, you can go to the challenge page and start participating in the challenge.

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