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Jaano India Challenge - Preliminary Screening Test

Challenge Over


This is a qualifying challenge for the Jaano India Hackathon. All the candidates will have to go through this preliminary screening round. The qualified candidates will be invited via email to participate in the hackathon and the dataset required to attempt the problem statement will be shared in the same invitation email.

Good Luck!


Swaniti is a non-partisan social enterprise, which works with policymakers and elected representatives to deliver development solutions across the country. The vision of the organization is to create a vibrant, better and inclusive India. It is in line with this vision that Swaniti provides end-to-end solutions, including knowledge support, on-ground implementation, and data tools, to both Parliamentarians and government administration in order to improve public service delivery. This is done by mobilizing government schemes and programmes, ensuring effective implementation, and maximizing their impact.

Swaniti Initiative works with Ank Aha! to empower the local through data and technology. Ank Aha! and Swaniti combines our understanding and learnings from working within communities through the offices of parliamentarians, administrators, philanthropies and civil society to create impact.


  1. The test is divided into two sections
  2. The first section has 10 multiple choice questions
  3. The second section has 3 subjective questions
  4. The total time to attempt th...
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