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HackerEarth was successful in creating a world record by aggregating 10,000+ women developers in it’s first outing of International Women’s Hackathon in 2015. So this year with IWH 2016, HackerEarth would want to take it a notch higher and call out all the women developers to actively participate in this year’s hackathon and truly empower women techies across the world. So all you women developers out there, come and be a part of the biggest ever Women Hackathon.

IWH 2016 is broken into three stages

  • Company Contest: This is for all the sponsoring companies of IWH 2016 who have taken great measures to promote diversity and empower women in their companies. The objective of this stage is to create internal engagement amongst all the women developers in these diversity rich companies and find the Top 5 developers from each company who will participate in the finals of IWH 2016.

  • Open Challenge: Engagement is one objective and reach is the other for IWH 2016. Open Challenge is to reach out and invite women developers across geographies. Top 100 will be selected from the open challenge who will participate in the finals of IWH 2016.

  • Finals of IWH: 4 hours programming slugfest between the winners from company contests and open challenge. 100 finalists will battle it out for the top prizes of IWH 2016.

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There are great prizes to be won

1st Prize

USD 1,800 

2nd Prize

USD 1,500 

3rd Prize

USD 1,100 

4th-15th Prize

USD 150 

Bicycle(top ranker from each participating college)


  1. Open challenge will be a 4 hours programming contest.
  2. Participation is on individual basis and team participation is not allowed.
  3. Participation restricted to women.
  4. ...


Q. What is the Hackathon about?

The International Women’s Hackathon 2016 is a HackerEarth initiative to inspire and celebrate women who love to code. We want to encourage ...

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