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India Hacks 2013

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OPENS AT: Mar 30, 2013, 10:30 AM

CLOSES ON: Mar 31, 2013, 10:59 AM

DURATION: 1 day 29m


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India Hacks

HackerEarth, in partnership with YourStory is kicking off this summer with a pan India Hacking challenge "India Hacks". Hackers from all over India will be given 24 hours to solve 5 to 6 challenging problems.

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The top two programmers will be given a cash prize of 60K and 40K each, and the top 10 programmers will win an all expense paid trip to Bangalore to tour some of the hottest tech companies in the city like Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Flipkart, Walmart Labs, Sourcebits, EA Sports and others. In addition to this they will also get a chance to spend some time with mentors from the participating companies.


  1. Peiter Kemps - Venture Capital, startups and cloud @ Amazon
  2. Harish Vaidyanathan - Director Technical Evangelism @ Microsoft
  3. Narendra Bhandari - Director Software and Services group, APAC @ Intel
  4. Saran Chatterjee - VP Products @ Flipkart
  5. Ankur Jain - Director at Walmart Labs and early employee @ Kosmix
  6. Rohit Singhal - Founder and CEO @ Sourcebits
  7. Sandeep Kowdely - Technical Director @ Electronic Arts
  8. Jayesh Jose - Distinguished Engineer @ Zynga India
  9. Srikant Sundarrajan - Principal Architect and a Big Data guy @InMobi


  1. The contest will consist of five problems.

  2. The challenges will be a mix of algorithm puzzles and multiplayer games.

  3. For multiplayer games the results will be declared...

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