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Due to some technical issues, we have updated the checker file. Your test has been reset. Please re-submit your predictions for the same.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Problem statement

A leading global leader of e-commerce has over 150 million paid subscription users. One of the many perks of the subscription is the privilege of buying products at lower prices. For an upcoming sale, the organization has decided to promote local artisans and their products, to help them through these tough times. However, slashed prices may impact local artists.

To not let discounts affect local artists, the company has decided to determine the lowest price at which a particular good can be sold. Your task is to build a predictive model using Machine Learning that helps them set up a lowest-pricing model for these products.


The dataset consists of various parameters such as a unique item ID, category of the market to which a product belongs, category and quality of the product, its demand rate, and its original market price.

The benefits of practicing this problem by using Machine Learning techniques are as follows:

  • This challenge will encourage you to apply your Machine Learning skills to build models to predict the lowest price of a product.
  • This challenge will help you enhance your knowledge of regression. Regression is one of the basic building blocks of Machine Learning.

We challenge you to build a predictive model that determines the lowest price at which a good can be sold on the day of sale.


Considering these unprecedented times that the world is facing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we wish to do our bit and contribute the prize money for the welfare of the society.


Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from experiences without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning is a science that determines patterns in data. These patterns provide a deeper meaning to problems. First, it helps you understand the problems better and then solve the same with elegance.

Here is the new HackerEarth Machine Learning Challenge—Slashing prices for the biggest sale day.

This challenge is designed to help you improve your Machine Learning skills by competing and learning from fellow participants.

Why should you participate?

  • To analyze and implement multiple algorithms and determine which is more appropriate for a problem
  • To get a hands-on experience of Machine Learning problems

Who should participate?

  • Working professionals
  • Data Science or Machine Learning enthusiasts
  • College students (if you understand the basics of predictive modeling)


Machine Learning practice


  • To claim your prize, more than 50% of your HackerEarth profile must be completed
  • Only participants residing in the US currently are eligible for the prize money


  1. Your output will be evaluated only for 50% of the test data while the contest is running. Once the contest is over, output for the remaining 50% of the data will be eval...
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