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OPENS AT: Nov 18, 2022, 12:30 PM

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DURATION: 2h 30m

Chhalaang Hack

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Held on the 10th of December in Mumbai, we are bringing the most talented women under one roof, to solve challenging problems set by some of our biggest portfolio startups. These startups include - Turtlemint, Webengage, IDfy, Tookitaki, and Jai Kisan. This is aimed at helping women become a stronger part of the startup ecosystem and we truly believe in the impact that they make.

In the race for market share, revenue, and valuation, companies often forget the bigger picture - how having a diverse workforce is the path to creating truly remarkable, well-rounded businesses. The Chhalaang Hack is a reminder to all startups, that diversity is not just a ratio, but has a far-reaching impact on everything they do. This is why the hackathon has a unique structure - with 5 different problem statements for you to choose from.

Being a part of the Chhalaang Hack opens up opportunities, not only to win prizes and goodie bags, but to also interact with leading tech startups and seasoned technology professionals who will advise you on your problem statements. Your work will be closely evaluated by every participating startup, and they are very excited to explore career opportunities for excelling women in tech!

*On-spot job with exciting offers by the Partners like Turtlemint, Webengage, IDfy, Tookitaki, and Jai Kisan

  1. Register for the hackathon on HackerEarth
  2. Solve the online assignment from 18th - 27th November on the Hackereath platform
  3. If you're shortlisted, you will receive an invite on your registered email ID by 30th November.
  4. Arrive at the Chhalaang Hack venue in Mumbai on the 10th of December at 8 am.
  5. Solve the problem statement while being mentored by industry experts (and munching on some free meals and snacks)
  6. Win prizes worth ₹10,00,000

  • Women Only
  • Years of experience: 0+ years
  • Skills: Data Structure and Algorithm

  • 3 Programming Questions


We, at Passion Connect, are a strategic services unit incubated by Blume Ventures. The team aims to solve problems faced exclusively by Blume Ventures' portfolio startups early into their journey. From aiding the growth of Dunzo to Unacademy, Spinny to Healthifyme and 145+ startups, Passion Connect has connected 800+ professionals across industries to their next wealth creation opportunity within the Blume Ventures Ecosystem. Moreover, Passion Connect invests deeply in non-traditional ways of hiring to create a more diverse startup ecosystem. We have run initiatives like the Ex-founders program, Roger Rehire, Bootstrap Paradox, and more. The Chhalaang Hack is one such initiative!

  • December 2016: Passion Connect was born as a single-member team with the aim to help Blume Ventures' portfolio companies hire better, it was simply named "Talent Unit".
  • Jan 2018: Ex-founder’s Initiative was launched as an exclusive platform to help ex-founders re-enter the Indian startup ecosystem.
  • August 2019: Boostrap Paradox was decoded - India’s biggest 24-hour hackathon at the time that brought 350+ engineers under one roof.
  • September 2019: Reached 400+ hires across startups within the Blume Ventures portfolio.
  • December 2019: Explored new avenues within HR by launching our Talent Branding service.
  • January 2020: Acquired Basil Advisors and rebranded to Passion Connect
  • February 2020: Launched our Acquihiring Service.
  • January 2022: Crossed 700+ hires
  • May 2022: Launched Roger Rehire Initiative
  • June 2022: Acquired CoEmerge, and launched an LnD service.
  • October 2022: Crossed 800+ hires

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