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Rakuten Deep Learning Challenge

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The TOP-15 team's for Rakuten deep learning challenge have been announced! Please find the list here.

We Request all the shortlisted teams to register for the 2nd phase of...



Advancement in image processing and machine learning algorithms have allowed us to accurately detect and classify objects with a high degree of precision. Can this technology be extended to images related to food recipes?  In Rakuten Deep Learning Challenge, we are asking you to classify food images into different categories. This will enable better taxonomy and improved indexing for search operations. We bring you hundreds of thousands of images from Rakuten Recipe - Rakuten's haven for food lovers, home chefs and really just anyone with an empty stomach and an appetite for new flavors. 

The challenge is to develop an algorithm that would classify a given recipe food image into one of the pre-defined categories with high precision and recall. The labeled dataset is provided for supervised training and mapping to different food categories. 

Rakuten Deep Learning Challenge is hosted by Rakuten Institute of Technology Bengaluru (India), a dedicated R&D wing of Rakuten Inc.

Data - The Rakuten recipe food image data is distributed across 43 categories with around 0.79 million images. Each image category is prepared according to their Recipe, time taken to prepare it and it's ingredients etc. 

DISCUSSION: Join the slack channel for discussions and communications regarding the challenge.


There are great prizes to be won

1st Prize

INR 2,00,000 

2nd Prize

INR 1,00,000 

3rd Prize

INR 75,000 

4th Prize

INR 50,000 

5th Prize

INR 50,000 



Rakuten's 70+ businesses ranging from e-commerce to digital content, from communications to fin-tech and sports deliver the joy of discovery and shopping to 1.2+ billion customers around the world, through our constant innovation and disruptive thinking.

Rakuten launched the Rakuten Institute of Technology in 2006 as the dedicated R&D organization for the Rakuten Group Inc. Our growing services aim to function as a bridge between the real world and net usability.

Our vision is to predict the direction of future services based on state-of-the-art and emerging technologies. This creates a starting point for discussion on what technology seeds we should invest in. Our actual R&D projects are planned and executed along with this vision.

Rakuten Institute of Technology is now located in Tokyo, San Mateo, Paris, Singapore, Boston and Bengaluru, engaging in cross-location projects and supporting the globalization of the Rakuten Group. External to the Rakuten network, the Institute is partnered with Hidehiko Masuhara (Tokyo Institute of Technology), who serves as an advisor, and Yukihiro Matsumoto (creator of the Ruby programming language), who serves as a fellow.

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More about us: https://global.rakuten.com/corp/about/

More about RIT: https://rit.rakuten.co.jp/.


  1. This is a team event with a maximum participation of 3 members per team

  2. After you have built your model, you must do the following:

    • Submit the solution in .zi...


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