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Global Hiring Challenge by Connect Job

Challenge Over

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Winners for the challenge are:

1st Prize: SAMYAK JAIN 

2nd Prize:  Sachin Kelkar

3rd Prize: Pranav Gavvaji, Rohan Goyal, Vijay Bhardwaj

Thank you all for your participa...





Fourth Valley Concierge Competitive Challenge is an online programming competition designed for developers to compete wherever they are. With the variety of programming languages offered, Fourth Valley Concierge Competitive Challenge allows the developers to compete with their peers at the highest level. 

As Connect Job, our mission is to make international job-hunting and employment a more convenient and possible option. We hope that this programming contest gives chances to developers like yourselves to find your skills, ways to find the most suitable companies, anywhere in the world and expand your opportunities.   

The participants with high scores may have a chance to work in Japan at the top IT companies with a great package!  


 1. Back - End Engineer

 2. iOS Engineer

 3. Android Developer

 4. Frontend Engineer

 5. Machine Learning Engineer

 6. UI/UX Designer

Annual Salary

 4,500,000- 12,000,000 JPY

 (Approximately 28 LPA - 75 LPA)

 Based on experience

Work Location  Japan



There are great prizes to be won

1st Prize

USD 1000 

2nd Prize

USD 500 

3rd Prize

USD 100 x 3 


Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation is supporting overseas employment both online and offline. With the online matching service "Connect Job" has been released in September 2018, we can reach people and companies around the world.

Connect Job is the worldʼs first cross-border AI matching platform, going beyond national borders to connect human resources and companies around the world.

We match individuals who want to be active on the global stage with companies that want to secure talents from around the world based on the optimum conditions desired by both sides. We also offer more than simply a direct recruiting platform.

If you feel that you would need extra help, or simply want to apply yourself to more places to increase your opportunities, our special agent service is available to you.

More about Connect Job visit here


  1. Before you attempt programming questions, you should choose a language from the given list.

  2. All inputs for the programming problems are from STDIN and output to STDOUT....



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Can I participate in a sample challenge?

Yes, we recommend that you participate in our sample challenge.

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