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Cipher Combat 3.0 - VAPT (CyberSecurity Challenge)

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Do you specialize in breaking the existing and redundant system to build a new and stronger system? Does the idea of being a white hat hacker intrigue you?

Then come be a part of Cipher Combat 3.0 - HackerEarth's first VAPT challenge!

Vulnerability Testing also called Vulnerability Assessment is a process of evaluating security risks in software systems to reduce the probability of threats. The purpose of vulnerability testing is reducing the possibility for intruders/hackers to get unauthorized access of systems. It depends on the mechanism named Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing(VAPT) or VAPT testing.

A vulnerability is any mistake or weakness in the system’s security procedures, design, implementation or any internal control that may result in the violation of the system's security policy.

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Test Instructions

  • You will be given a link to an IP address, on which you have to detect and perform a certain set of tasks.
  • The link of the web application will be revealed here 2 minutes before the challenge, it will also be listed on each of the problem statements.
  • The problem statements are split in 2 parts. In the first part you are required to perform specific functions on the application, exposing vulnerabilities in the process.
  • The second part is an open ended question, in which you are left to expose more advanced vulnerabilities in the application.
  • There are a total of 8 questions, the first 7 questions have specific tasks and the last question is the open ended question.
  • The answers for each problem should be in the following format
    • Method (Mandatory)
    • Patch to fix the issues (Optional)
    • Screenshots (Mandatory)
    • Tools Used (Mandatory)

Required Setup:

These are the prerequisites that you must have in place before starting the challenge:

Kali Linux operating system (virtual machine)

Refer to this document for more details.


You can Practice and Test Your VAPT Skills.

Link: http://pentest.0x10.info/

Evaluation Parameter:

  • Method used in Solving problems.
  • Tool used in solving problems.
  • Automation / script used
  • Suggestions - How to remove such issues.



There are great prizes to be won

First Prize

USD 150 

Second Prize

USD 100 

Third Prize

USD 75 


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1. Do not carry out any attacks on the infrastructure.

2. No DoS, DdoS, brute forcing, automated scans or generating any large amount of traffic by any other m...




1. Where is the challenge happening?

This challenge is completely online. After the start date/time, you can visit this page and participate in the challenge.

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