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Code Chronicles: Genesis

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Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College

OPENS AT: Mar 30, 2017, 07:30 AM

CLOSES ON: Apr 03, 2017, 11:30 AM

DURATION: 4 days 4h

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UPDATE [8:45 PM, 31/3/17 IST]: The problem Matrix Challenge has been corrected.

In order to be eligible for prizes, please download the Fleep app and create a Fleep accoun...



Code Chronicles: Genesis

Do you feel nostalgia on hearing "Hello World!"?

Sristi 2k17, in association with Campus Geeks Connect - GeeksforGeeks, brings you an opportunity to unleash your coding skills. Sit in front of your monitors and feel the rush of adrenaline during this 100 hour long coding extravaganza called Code Chronicles: Genesis.

Code Chronicles: Genesis is the fourth edition of Code Chronicles, JGEC's flagship algorithmic coding championship.

This is a contest organized under Srsiti 2K17, the largest techno management fest of North Bengal, hosted by Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College.


Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College (JGEC) is a premier institute for quality technical education in India. Established in 1961, the college has produced many talente...



Code Chronicles: Genesis Rules:

1. This is an individual event.

2. The two top rankers will win attractive prizes.

3. The competition will start sharp at 6 PM on 30th Apri...



Sample Challenge

Can I participate in a sample challenge?

Yes, we recommend that you participate in our sample challenge.

This challenge enables you to understand how to pa...

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