Racchit Thapliyal

Advisor (ex Product/Content Development Manager) at Sheth Leadership Academy
San Francisco, CA, United States
Georgia Institute of Technology
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Work Experience
Advisor (ex Product/Content Development Manager)
Sheth Leadership Academy
Jan 2017 - Present (1 year and 4 months)
* Please consult SLA Product Development Manager description below for responsibilities and other details * Transitioned from Product Development Manager to an advisory role in late 2016 * Provide continued support and counsel on product development and customer acquisition
Founding Team Member
The LIFE School
Mar 2016 - Present (2 years and 2 months)
Responsibilities: * Curriculum Design, Development & Implementation * EdTech Product Evaluation & Integration * Community Outreach * Student Engagement and MentorshipAbout the School: * An independent, progressive high school located in downtown Atlanta, where students are co--owners of their education, empowered to investigate their curiosities and take action in the world. Page 1 *To us, education is not about defining a student’s path for him/her, but rather providing a structured freedom where students can each find their own way in life. We focus on developing the mindset and processes (e.g. thinking critically, taking care of yourself, being curious) that will allow students to not just get into college or have a career, but to manage their whole lives - at home, in the community, and at work/ school. * We have begun the 2-year accreditation process through SACS/AdvancEd.
Product Development Manager
Sheth Leadership Academy
Sep 2015 - Dec 2016 (1 year and 4 months)
As a well-rounded generalist, I played and managed a variety of cross-functional roles that cut across the entire organization. I managed a number of internal and external direct reports, and particularly responsibilities in vendor and technology selection and implementation to fit our use case and resources. Development activities covered video, text, audio and multimedia content.Achievements & Responsibilities:* Product Development- Design & Development Conducted secondary research to guide and support video and course content development Worked closely with SMEs to developed content for videos and courses Managed the entire video production pipeline (including vendor management) to assure timely production, processing, review and delivery of projects Operationalized and Optimized the video production process by implementing collaborative spreadsheets to track production, processing, review and delivery status, achieving 2-3x gains in project time to completion Managed course creation pipeline (including vendor management), employed the ADDIE paradigm and oversaw the design (storyboarding), development, implementation (on third party cloud-based LMS platform) and evaluation processes Ideated, initiated and managed the development of the audio library project* Product Development - Distribution and Delivery Developed RFPs, identified potential partners, and managed contract development, SOWs. Identified and selected content hosting and distribution platforms. Actively managed relationships with third party content distribution platforms. Managed website development projects, including both consumer and B2B sites.* Business and Partnerships Development Identified and initiated relationships with partners internationally. Cultivated and closed deals with institutional clients. Participated in, both, consumer and B2B marketing efforts.
Research Assistant, Computational Biology, Gaucher Lab
Georgia Institute of Technology
Aug 2010 - Aug 2011 (1 year and 1 months)
- Benchmarking computational methods of ancestral sequence reconstruction - Received Computational Biology Faculty Research Assistantship - http://www.gauchergroup.biology.gatech.edu/people.html
Revenue Management Analyst
Delta Air Lines
Apr 2008 - Jan 2010 (1 year and 10 months)
- Responsible for monitoring and optimizing flown-passenger revenue in 16 round-trip markets, or 45,000 flights annually. Market scope has a revenue contribution of $22 million a month to the system. - Extensive market research to identify market share and revenue maximizing opportunities, and competitive analysis of round-trip markets with legacy and low-cost carrier overlap. APGDAT online aviation data resource was utilized for data collection and analysis. - Past year flown data analysis and forecasting via AIRMAX revenue manager and departmental reports. - Utilizing market segmentation and market fare structure to optimize fare-mix of passengers, thereby maximizing revenue. Availability of fare products controlled via AIRMAX revenue manager and proprietary GDS system DLMatic. - Developing specific strategies based on market idiosyncrasies, and identifying and extracting maximum revenue from special events/holidays. - Regular interaction with Network\Schedules and Pricing to discuss schedule/capacity rationalization and pricing competitiveness. - Constant communication with market station managers to determine frontline effectiveness of market strategies.Page 4 - Producing multiple weekly team-level reports utilizing Data obtained from database via Hyperion/BRIO, DART data tool and MS Access. - Weekly executive meetings with Team manager and Regional Director to discuss past performance, revenue outlook and market strategies.
Business Analyst
Atlanta Cutlery Corp.
May 2007 - Apr 2008 (1 year and 0 months)
- Instrumental in data collection, analysis and validation of sales forecasting model for the firm. - Data obtained from company catalogs and SQL database. - Employed MS Excel and STATA for modeling. - Performed Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM) analysis on house files to identify customer characteristics and move from a recency-only list to RFM based lists, thereby increasing list segmentation from 6 lists to 36 lists. - Conducted extended square-inch analysis of company catalogs for determination of profitability of different house and rental mailing lists by incorporating the effects of complementary and supplementary products on item sales. - Created reports for warehouse personnel to streamline processes, and extracted data for projects from SQL database utilizing Crystal Reports. - Assisted in search engine optimization through product description and keyword management for the company's e-commerce ASP.NET web stores.
Teaching/Research Assistant, Economics
Terry College of Business
Aug 2006 - May 2007 (10 months)
- Conducted office hours for students, attended classes and helped students supplement notes. - Organized, proctored and graded exams, and updated student database with scores, relevant information. - Performed regular library research for Professor. - Helped students supplement notes.
Seasonal Sales Associate
Jun 2005 - Aug 2005 (3 months)
- Top performing sales associate. - Developed and honed great customer service and sales skills. - Also helped organize and update inventory regularly.
Oct 2004 - May 2005 (8 months)
- Updated and edited company database and helped troubleshoot software\data issues. - Developed great facility with EVEREST, the firm’s business-management software. - Managed inventory & monitored the receipt and completion of orders.
Summer Laboratory Assistant, The RNA Center
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
May 2004 - Jul 2004 (3 months)
- Managed Laboratory, prepared solutions and set-up experiments.
Department/Laboratory Assistant, Department of Biology
Case Western Reserve University
Aug 2003 - May 2004 (10 months)
- Helped organize, set up, manage and execute lab sessions for undergraduate introductory biology courses, including creating lab instructions
Research Assistant, The Plant Biotechnology Center
The Ohio State University
May 2003 - Dec 2003 (8 months)
- Managed lab and database for researchers. - Online database research to identify target molecules\receptors. - Helped create a coherent system for accessing Database and other research data. - Worked with the lab over the summer and winter
Peer Tutor, Educational Support Services
Case Western Reserve University
Jan 2003 - May 2003 (5 months)
- Peer Tutor for Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology. - Appointment based on academic merit. - Underwent extensive training in teaching methods\managing classrooms\seminars. - Held walk-in office hours, weekly tutoring sessions and also specialized extended sessions with students. - - Designed and managed student’s study plan for the semester\course.Page 6
Teacher, Honors Biology & College-Prep Chemistry
Brookwood High School, Gwinnett County Public
August 2011 - August 2012 (1 year 1 month)- School consistently ranks amongst the top in the state and country. - Taught the 9th grade Honors Biology course. - Taught the 10th grade College-prep Chemistry course. - Accomplishments include significant improvement on county level assessments for students over previous semester.
Research Assistant (Temporary), Tibetan Oral History Project, Department of Sociology
February 2006 - April 2006 (3 months)- Converted audio tapes into digital media, and subsequently into text. - Posted text online via XML templates for public access. - Verified consistency of XML files with templates.
Research Assistant (Temporary), Cancer Research Project, Department of Sociology
Case Western
October 2005 - February 2006 (5 months)- Entered patient surveys into database using SPSS. - Checked data for consistency to avoid faulty regression analysis.Page 5
Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
Case Western
October 2004 - May 2005 (8 months)- Managed Student Database. - Converted literature into digital formats and created backups of data. - Sent mailers to the entire department, and managed office as required.
Georgia Institute of Technology
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