Syeda Shajeeha Mehdi

Studied at NED University of Engineering and Technology
Karachi, Pakistan
CSS, HTML, .net, Python, Java
NED University of Engineering and Technology
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Language Activity
Technical Skills
CSS, HTML, .net, Python, Java, C++, C#
NED University of Engineering and Technology
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Computer Engineering
2015 - 2019
Bachelors of Engineering in Computer and Information Systems
CGPA: 3.8 / 4
Skills: C++ | Java | C# | algorithms | mathematics | linux | computer vision | assembly language | web applications | artificial intelligence | Visual Basic | machine learning | database management | microcontroller | modelica | data science | digital logic | ui design | object oriented programming (oops) | deep learning
Won Immersive Reality Code Jam hosted by 10Pearls Labs
10Pearls Labs
Nov, 2018
Won the AR/VR Codejam for making a virtual walkthrough on Unity with Oculus headset.
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