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Software Engineer at Account Viewer
seo, HTML, PHP, C
California Institute of Technology
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Technical Skills
seo, HTML, PHP, C
Work Experience
Software Engineer
Account Viewer, USA
Jan 2020 - Present (1 year and 7 months)
View Private Instagram Profiles
Apr 2020 - Present (1 year and 4 months)
Private Insta is a very good tool to see private Instagram profiles. This app is well capable of extracting the post of private accounts on Instagram.

It provides you to view private Instagram photos. Instagram is one of the popular social media where people share photos, videos, and chitchat with family, friends, and colleagues but put the privacy to access it.

Public accounts will not be able to proceed with Instagram private profile viewer works with accessing the free gateway available to the public by Instagram. This is a great tool and you can use it for free.
California Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), American Citizenship Education
2015 - 2018
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