Parag Jayant Datar

Software Engineering Intern at Clover Network Inc.
Buffalo, NY, United States
HTML5, Css3, JavaScript, Backbone.js
University at Buffalo Graduate School
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Language Activity
Technical Skills
HTML5, Css3, JavaScript, Backbone.js, jQuery, jQuery UI, java, c++, Solr, HTML, SQL, Microsoft office
Work Experience
Software Engineering Intern
Clover Network Inc.
May 2016 - Present (1 year and 11 months)
# Added a new Factory Ops role to the web dashboard providing factory workers access to certain information on hardware devices. Originally they would gather the same information with a series of mails to customer support. # Added a feature to send notification emails to the new and old email addresses when the owner of the business updates it. It ensures that an attacker cannot use social engineering in convincing CS to update the owner email. # Added missing columns to the import / export sheets in the Inventory App for the merchants. # Fixed network request that stuck the network queue by modifying the controller logic.
Software Programmer
Zeus Learning
Jul 2013 - Jul 2015 (2 years and 1 months)
# Followed MVC architecture for all projects and ensured cross browser support and wrote unit tests # Built TouchManager and DragSelect modules that were integrated in common repository # Mentored 3 new recruits in the last 6 months for their training in - Object Oriented development in JavaScript - DOM manipulation - Backbone.js #Worked in small teams with limited resources which provided me with the confidence to work independently when the situation demands and handle pressure of responsibilities
The Concord Consortium
Mar 2015 - May 2015 (3 months)
Math TechbookCSE532 CSE573 CSE521 CSE565 CSE574 CSE586 CSE535 February 2014 to February 2015 Members:Parag Jayant Datar# Worked for the Discovery Education’s Math Techbook project and built a jQuery plugin for drag-select (marquee tool) which was integrated into the repository for use across interactives. # Built a Touch Manager module using jQuery and Backbone which aimed at simulating mouse events for touch events.#Platform: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 #Libraries: Backbone.js, Paper.js, Highcharts.js#Led a team of 5 developers to deliver 30 Interactives in 3 months which explained fundamentals of science to students from grade-k to grade-5. #Built the interactive shell, animation timer and asynchronous custom preloader that handles internal dependencies. #Platform: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 #Libraries: Backbone.js, jQuery, PIXI.js
Jan 2016 - May 2016 (5 months)
Built a kernel on top of the OS161 framework that supports thread synchronization, process and system calls and virtual memory with swapping.
Tweet search and analysis
Sep 2015 - Present (2 years and 7 months)
#Enables a user to search a database with more than 10,000 tweets in English, German, Russian, French and Arabic. #User can enter search query and get appropriate matching tweets as results as follows: 1) The first result is a summary of the user's query pulled from a wikipedia article, if available. User can follow the respective article as well. 2) The matching tweets are displayed below the summary. User can filter the results based on language, location, sentiment (positive, negative or neutral) and other options such as most recent, most followed, or most popular. 3) Graphical analysis of the results are also available for the locations and organizations. #Platform: Node.js, Twitter REST API , JavaScript, CSS3, Solr, Java, AJAX #Libraries: Bootstrap, Highcharts.js, jQuery
Image Segmentation using mean shift clustering
Sep 2015 - Dec 2015 (4 months)
Members:Parag Jayant Datar#Segmented images using the mean shift discontinuity preserving filter. #The mean shift clustering technique uses different thresholds for range and spatial domain. Input to this system is color image and output is a segmented image using the said filter. The mean shift clustering technique identifies local maximas(peaks) in the freuency and range domain, separating them from the neighborhood. This way we can analyze images and preserve abrupt changes in a region separating them from other, relatively constant regions. #Platform: Python
3M Technologies
Jul 2013 - Jan 2014 (7 months)
#Translated all interactives and animations on from flash to HTML5. The animations included the Homepage and Interactive showcase, along with a dozen interactives. #Platform: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 #Libraries: Backbone.js, Require.js
University at Buffalo Graduate School
Master’s Degree, Computer Science
2015 - 2017
University at Buffalo
Master's degree
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