Nishant Ravichandran

Worked as Technical Intern at Synopsys Inc.
c++, java, Android, Algorithms
State University of New York College at Buffalo
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Language Activity
Technical Skills
c++, java, Android, Algorithms, HTML, C, Matlab, programming, Linux, iOS, Data Structures, Python
Work Experience
Technical Intern
Synopsys Inc.
Jun 2016 - Aug 2016 (3 months)
Automated monitoring of the health of workstations in Microsoft Active Directory. Wrote a tool to parse data from log files and display it as a web page for analysis using google charts visualization APIs. Wrote scripts to detect unauthorized software installations across workstations in the organization.
Associate Software Engineer
Sep 2014 - Jul 2015 (11 months)
Was involved in integrating SAP for clients. Developed SAP ABAP programs according to client requirements, fixed bugs and changes in existing code. Also involved in technical documentation
FreeBSD scheduler
Oct 2015 - Present (2 years and 6 months)
Built a priority scheduler coupled with a multilevel feedback queue scheduler loosely based on the FreeBSD model. This was built on the PintOS which is provided by Stanford. Thread locking, synchronizing data between threads using semaphores and monitors were used to overcome the various challenges involved in process scheduling.
Marauder’s Map
Nov 2015 - Present (2 years and 5 months)
Members:Nishant Ravichandran, Melvin PhilipsInspired by Harry Potter's marauder's map. Track your friend's location(With their permission of course) in real time. Built using the Ionic framework for Hybrid applications. Geofire was used for real time location tracking
Remote Home Automation System
Apr 2014 - Present (4 years and 0 months)
Built an Android app that allowed a person to control appliances, schedule lights, fans and automatically switch them off when not in use. Modeled on the "Smart Home" concept. Used Wi-Fi for communication between the app and devices.
Parser For a Grammar
Oct 2015 - Present (2 years and 6 months)
Built a recursive parser in Java to convert statements according to a grammar, into its corresponding Java byte code as part of my coursework.
Hybrid Vector Clocks
Nov 2015 - Present (2 years and 5 months)
Wrote a specification for Hybrid vector clocks in PlusCal. Hybrid vector clocks can be used to solve some of the disadvantages that occur while using Vector clocks for timestamping events in distributed systems This specification was verified using TLA+ which includes a formal proof analyzer
System Call Handling
Oct 2015 - Present (2 years and 6 months)
Implemented system call handling for user programs in the Pintos Operating System. Running of user programs is now possible on this system. Similar to the system call functions of the UNIX operating system. User programs
Dijkstra's Token Ring
Nov 2015 - Present (2 years and 5 months)
Dijkstra's token ring algorithm for 3 states and 4 states implemented in TLA. This was implemented to verify the self stabilization property of the algorithm and check the safety and progress properties.
Jan 2016 - Present (2 years and 3 months)
A no-nonsense task manager for Android to complete your tasks. Also set time and location reminders for themiOS Calculator May 2014 to Present Members:Nishant RavichandranA Reverse Polish Notation Calculator for the IPhone. Built as part of an online series taught by Paul Hegarty at Stanford
MultiChat Client Application
Feb 2016 - Present (2 years and 2 months)
Created a multi chat client application in UNIX. Clients can send messages to each other, or block other clients. All messages are relayed by the server to other clients. Messages will also be stored in case clients are offline and be sent to them when they come back up online Built in C using socket programming
Reliable Transport Protocols
Mar 2016 - Present (2 years and 1 months)
Implemented reliable transport networking to send and receive packets. Implemented Alternating Bit, Go Back N and Selective Repeat Protocols. Using these protocols, data can be transferred between hosts in the face of packet loss and packet corruption.
State University of New York College at Buffalo
Master’s Degree, Computer Science
2015 - 2016
College of Engineering - Pune
Engineer's Degree, Electrical Engineering
2010 - 2014
State University of New York at Buffalo - School of Management
Master of Science (MSc)
Accenture Excellence Award
Oct, 2014
CSE622 CSE521 CSE529 CSE586 CSE505 CSE589 CSE574 MGO660(Full professional proficiency)(Limited working proficiency) (Elementary proficiency)Won the Accenture Excellence Award for being top of my training batch
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