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UFC 246 Live Stream, UFC 246 Live Streaming | UFC 246 Live McGregor vs Cerrone
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UFC 246 Live Stream, UFC 246 Live Streaming | UFC 246 Live McGregor vs Cerrone

The UFC is first show of 2020 will mark a return to the Octagon for Conor McGregor Dana White revealed on Thanksgiving that
McGregor is lined up for a welterweight bout against Donald Cerrone, which can headline UFC 246 on January 18th in Las
Vegas, Nevada. McGregor vs Cerrone

McGregor, who’s reportedly under investigation for 2 sexual assaults in Ireland, has been out of UFC McGregor vs Cerrone Live Stream

McGregor Live Stream

Cerrone Live Stream
competition since his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedovin October 2018. His 2019 has been mostly defined by those
aforementioned legal troubles, which don’t even include his punch-out of a person at a Dublin bar.
A showdown with Cerrone
would be his first at welterweight since the 2016 rematch with Nate Diaz. Cerrone is looking to snap a two-fight losing skid,
with Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje both getting the higher of him in recent months.
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