Lalit Khattar

Software Developer at HackerEarth
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Yii, Meteor, Django
Tools & Libraries:
Git, Vim
IIT Roorkee
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Language Activity
Technical Skills
Frontend Development, Backend Development
Yii, Meteor, Django
Tools & Libraries
Git, Vim
Work Experience
Software Developer
HackerEarth, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Jun 2014 - Present (3 years and 11 months)
Till now I have worked on the following major projects:

1. Facecode - online interviewing product
2. Threaded comments
3. Blackops - internal product for operations team
4. Practice Section
Summer Intern
May 2013 - Jul 2013 (3 months)
During this eight weeks internship, I worked on the following projects:-

1. The Robust Realtime Server.
2. Continuous Deployment System.
3. Webpage to display health status of HackerEarth services.
Project Leader
Information Management Group, IIT Roorkee
Sep 2011 - Apr 2014 (2 years and 8 months)
IMG, an acronym for Information Management Group is a student group in Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee responsible for developing and managing the code base of both intranet (Channel-i) and institute website. I was a project leader of Content Management System of institute website.
Skills: JavaScript | PHP
Content Management System, IITR Roorkee Website
Aug 2012 - Sep 2013 (1 year and 2 months)
Developed the Content Management System(CMS) of the Institute website along with three other developers whom I was mentoring also. It is written in Yii(PHP) framework. The goal we had in mind was to let users edit maximum content of the website via CMS, give powerful features to admin(s). We were able to build exactly what we had imagined.
Mar 2013 - Mar 2013 (1 months)
An open source vim plugin to compile and run code from the comfort of your favorite editor. Almost every programming language is supported- C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, Scala, Haskell, Ruby, Perl.
Waartaa, Google Summer of Code'14
May 2014 - Jul 2014 (3 months)
My GSoC project objective was to implement new features in Waarta, a modern web IRC client written in Meteor.js. During GSoC tenure, I implemented a central hub for searching/reading channel logs, bookmarking channel logs, video/audio conferencing facility and admin console panel in waartaa.
CodePlayer, HackerEarth
Dec 2013 - Dec 2013 (1 months)
CodePlayer - Watch your code like a movie. It was intended to be a fun internship project but later it turned into a premium feature for customers to check candidate's thought process during onsite written round.
Continuous Deployment System(CDS), HackerEarth
Jun 2013 - Jul 2013 (2 months)
It helps the team to roll out features in production with just a single command: git push origin master
FaceCode, HackerEarth
A video interviewing tool which allows recruiters to interview candidates in real time, with a collaborative online code editor for the purpose of later stage one on one technical interviews.
HackerEarth Comment System
Built a powerful comment system on top of django-threadedcomments. It is built as a plugin which lets us integrate comments anywhere on our website easily.
Practice Section on HackerEarth
Practice problems on HackerEarth in a structured way across topics and sub topics. Worked on backend only.
IIT Roorkee
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)
2010 - 2014
Syntax Error'13
November 2013
Won 1st prize in IITR's first internal hackathon sponsored by Google and GitHub. Built a travel planner web app using Google App engine server and Django and MySQL for back-end.
Adobe Express Mobile App Contest
Adobe Express Apps
Mar, 2012
Won 2nd prize in overnight mobile app contest conducted by Adobe Express Apps, Cognizance'12, IIT Roorkee in March 2012.
Infosys Hashers - National level competitive programming event
Nov, 2012
Shortlisted among top 15 teams across India, to get into the final round of onsite main event of Infosys Hashers. The first round consisted of solving a real time problem hosted on Amazon cloud server. The onsite round was an extension of 1st round, along with developing a web-interface for the same.
'Show Your IT Talent' contest - Works Applications
Works Applications
Sep, 2012
Competed against more than 1000 applicants from India's top colleges and qualified for the final round of 'Show Your IT Talent' contest by Works Applications.
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