Arjoonn Sharma

Student at iiitmk
Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Django, Bottle, Scipy, Sklearn
Tools & Libraries:
Vim, Pandas, SciPy
IIITMK, Trivandrum
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Language Activity
Technical Skills
Data Architecture
Django, Bottle, Scipy, Sklearn
Tools & Libraries
Vim, Pandas, SciPy
Work Experience
iiitmk, trivandrum
Jul 2015 - Present (2 years and 10 months)
Blood Search
Mar 2015 - Present (3 years and 2 months)
A website to quickly locate people who can donate blood based on their donation frequency and availability. Notifications are sent to people based on where the blood is needed and where they are currently located (via Facebook Locations).
Py Tongue
May 2015 - Present (3 years and 0 months)
A software to allow people to create Python programs in any language they want. eg. Hindi, Russian etc. Intended as a teaching tool to let students taste the power of programming without having to learn English first.
Digit Varan- Website for Visually Challenged Members of College
Jul 2014 - Jun 2015 (1 year and 0 months)
Created the entire website for the project consisting of - e-book search function - notice board - chat rooms - attendance checking for college and many other features.
Ant-Hill Optimization
Apr 2015 - Present (3 years and 1 months)
A library to demonstrate ant hill optimization as a proof of concept for real time Network routing optimization using Python.MIMIC- a robotic hand which mimics human user movement Members:Arjoonn Sharma"MIMIC" was a winning project entry in the National CBSE Science Exhibition. It is an artificial hand designed to copy user hand movement completely and over a distance while providing real time feedback.
Jan 2015 - Present (3 years and 4 months)
The famous module html2text in python. It converts html to markdown. Now actively developed by me and Alireza Savand as the maintainer.
openJudge - automated programming judge
Mar 2015 - Present (3 years and 2 months)
An automated programming contest judge for use in LAN programming competitions. - Traceback support - Timeout support - Concurrent checking - Multi language support Django interface and multiple language support. It can handle from 10 to 500 participants providing the network is up to mark.
Mar 2015 - Present (3 years and 2 months)
A line laser based 3d scanner used to scan single objects or the environment. Developed for final year project. Uses a collection of pictures in sequential order to generate a point cloud scene of the environment or of an object. Features:- - made in INR 400 - software in python - Reconstruction is compatible with multiple 3d printing software.
Sep 2015 - Sep 2015 (1 months)
A distributed LAN chatting program. Requires no special setup. Download and use. For use in organizations where calling everyone is just not possible. It acts as a giant chat room.
Networks And Evolution
2 Apr, 2014
Programming in non-english languages Authors: Arjoonn Sharma A software which allows people to write programs in scripts other than English based languages. eg. Python programs written in Hindi An article on Self Organizing Maps and Artificial Neural Networks and how they may be used to make computers evolve a pattern for walking.
1 Aug, 2015
Article introducing the PyTongue Library in Python written by me which allows for programming in Hindi, Malyalam, Mandarin etc.
1 Oct, 2015
Article on the basic usage of the 'OpenJudge' software authored by me. A comprehensive usage guide.
IIITMK, Trivandrum
Master of Science (MS), Computer Science
2015 - 2017
CGPA: 8.67 / None
Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Trivandrum
Master of Science (M.S.), Computational Science
2015 - 2017
St. Stephen's College
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science
2012 - 2015
dps sushant lok
class 10 and class 12, PCM + Computer Science
2006 - 2012
University of Delhi
AFS Intercultural Programs
AFS Thailand
Nov, 2008
Certificate of participation in AFS Student exchange program on basis of merit.National Science Exibition
Central Board of Secondary Education
October 2010
Winner of national C.B.S.E. science exhibition held in SD Public School.
Scholarship for Higher Education (DST- Inspire)
Department of Science and Technolohy
Jun, 2012
Vikas Dhaka Scholarship
for all 3 years of college.
Scholarship for academic excellence, the spirit of stephania and contribution to college.
JCoder winner
Sep, 2015
In memory of a deceased student of the Institute, ASCIIT holds JCoder every year. The 2015 JCoder was held on 30 September and we came in 2nd. Team Yagami was second and consisted of Shubham Dwivedi and myself.
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