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Are you the test series or the ODI kind? Do 20/20’s excite you? Oh wait, you are here because the world of technology excites you more. So let’s make things a little different here. Time to roll up your sleeves to play a One Day Hackathon (ODH) with Unisys. Presenting Unisys Hackathon 20/20!

But before that, a little about us…

We are Unisys. We have an immense history of 144 years and today are better known as a global information technology company that specializes in providing industry-focused solutions integrated with leading-edge security to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets.

In 2009, we conceptualized Cloud 20/20®, the flagship event of Unisys, which has grown to be one of India’s biggest online technical project contests today. We began with the idea of identifying vibrant and exceptional technology innovators, by offering a platform to young talent from several educational institutions. If our journey excites you, you can also check out our Year 8 highlights.

Today, Cloud 20/20 Year 9 is a compendium of several initiatives that brings together professionals and budding talent on the same platform, and where young minds are recognized for their unique ideas around the latest disruptive technologies.

Unisys Hackathon 20/20 is one of our very first country-wide hacking competitions under the cloud 20/20 umbrella. We are here looking for master hackers who not only wrack their brains out of pure love and passion for technological innovation, but also believe their ideas can influence the way the world thinks. By being part of our very first Hackathon, your name will be etched in the history of Unisys, in the many years to come!

So here are our focus areas for ideas. If you have your creative juices overflowing already after hearing these topics, wait no more. Your challengers await you!


Diagnose sensor health and predict downtime
Automatically validate identity without Identity card for organizations

Diagnose sensor health and predict downtime
This is a known problem in IOT. There are thousands of sensors in numerous wireless sensor networks which are part of IOT installations. Many sensors are non-monitorable/accessible. Based on the recent data reporting by the sensors, the software should be able to predict downtime of that sensor. Also, one important point to consider is “where” you would...

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Safe Cities
Making smart cities safe

We believe that because smart city programs are already funded and well formed, it makes them ideal contract vehicles for safe city initiatives. Smart city technologies can be adapted for public safety agencies. This will allow cities to leverage their investments for safe city programs faster and at less expense. Listed below are the desired outcomes and possible known gaps in making smart cities...

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Cyber Security

Instead of SSL 256 any other algorithm/protocol that can be used for cyber security space. Do not consider obsolete industrial specifications.

As a submission we expect a webapp which should include this SSL Encryption Algorithm.

Machine Learning
Scalable Machine Learning for Smarter Applications
Predict the arrival of the next support issue for a product

Scalable Machine Learning for Smarter Applications

Every company is now trying to be a data company, capable of using machine learning in the cloud to deploy intelligent apps at scale, thanks to the machine-learning trends. With hosted machine learning models, companies can now quickly analyze large, complex data, and deliver faster, more accurate insights without the high cost of deploying and ma...

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Virtual Simulation

Virtual reality simulation is the use of 3D objects and environments to create immersive and engaging experiences. Transport products such as Airline passenger service, Airline cargo, Airport operations etc. which deals with the multiple subjects, their movement, synchronization of information, Geo-location, subject identification etc. can find numerous usage with the virtual simulation. Its usage...

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Prizes INR 2,25,000 in prizes

Main Prizes
First Prize
INR 1,00,000
Second Prize
INR 75,000
Third Prize
INR 50,000

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