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Humans, around the world, commute millions of miles every single day. Be it in the form discovery, aggregation or purchase, technology has played a very significant role in the travel and transportation industry.

This is a 6 days hackathon that aims at building disruptive applications that can solve some interesting problems in the domain of travel and transportation. Imagine how technology can make public and private transportation much simpler and provide a better user experience.

In the hackathon, you are expected to build a fully functional application for web or mobile. This application will be evaluated on the functionality, usefulness, design and efficiency of code.

There are great prizes to be won -
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In the last 5 years, many offline services have been enhanced by the power of mobile internet. Over the counter ticketing has drastically reduced, with the advent of internet ticketing and fragmented industries, like bus travel have also benefitted from aggregation services. Then came itinerary planning and location based recommendations and before you knew it, there was a whole suite of tech products for the traveller. Now, there are computers on vehicles - some so powerful that they don’t need a driver. Travel technology, coupled with IoT and other already existing technology services can add a lot more value for the traveller. Better enroute recommendations? Or even a simple music player that chooses genres based on a place or people you’re travelling with? There’s a lot that you can do.


Humans, around the world, commute millions of miles every single day. A significant fraction of our day is spent in traveling. Technology has played a very significant role in enabling more people to commute. Be it in the form discovery, aggregation or purchase, technology has redefined the way we commute. Imagine how technology can human experience even better in day to day transportation and commute. What can technology do make public and private transportation much simpler.

Enhance Traveler Experience

Create app to make the experience of a traveler - easier, better and hassle free. You can create new features or integrate the Sabre's itinerary management app – TripCase (http://travel.tripcase.com/). You can leverage the APIs here - https://developer.sabre.com/docs/read/Home - Theme suggested by Sabre



Each team member of the winning team will receive the prizes.

1st Prize

Trip to San Fransisco
1st Prize winners in this track will also get an opportunity to meet senior leadership team of Sabre at their Dallas Office

2nd Prize

Xbox one with Kinect and Audio Technica Headphones

3rd Prize

GoPro Hero 4

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