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India is on the cusp of an entrepreneurial revolution. The euphoria is palpable. Young, dynamic & smart founders of today are roaring to succeed and are absolutely irreverent to the idea of failure. Never before has India’s entrepreneurial energy been so mainstream.

However, successful entrepreneurship is the ultimate balancing act. Endless optimism, unwavering courage and dogged determination of founders have to be balanced with thoughtful leadership, intellectual honesty and maturity to overcome gritty challenges and build billion dollar 100-year organizations. It is this balancing act that will define India’s unique success story as an entrepreneurial leader in the years to come. It’s time to take stock.

TiE Delhi-NCR attracted more than 1500 participants last year, and is likely to exceed that number this time, since there is no better opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with potential mentors, investors and collaborators.

Register for TiE Delhi-NCR 2015 today to ensure that you don’t end up missing out on it.

Contest format:

TiE Delhi-NCR Hackathon will run in two phases:

Phase 1: In first Phase participants will have to submit a Synopsis on one of the themes provided in Hackathon, which will later be judged by a panel of judges and best synopsis will move to Phase 2. Phase 1 will be an online phase that will open from 17th September,2015 6.00 pm IST to 4th October,2015 11.55 pm IST for synopsis submissions.

Phase 2 : Top participants will be invited to the Taj Palace Hotel ,New Delhi for the offline hackathon. The participants will have to built a fully functional App around the synopsis submitted in Phase-1. This phase will happen on 16th of October-15 @ the Taj Palace Hotel ,New Delhi. Only participants with an invitation will be allowed to participate in the offline hackathon.

Partnering Companies:

MakeMyTrip is India’s leading Travel Company. Launched in India in 2005, MakeMyTrip was the first travel portal in the country and regarded as the pioneer of online travel. Its comprehensive offerings coupled with the convenience of online transactions supported with great-value prices revolutionized the way Indians purchased travel services. Following a successful launch, MakeMyTrip continues to lead the market with innovative products and services. In August 2010, the Company had a successful IPO on NASDAQ, becoming the first Indian travel company to list overseas. MakeMyTrip has ranked among the ten ‘Best Companies to Work for in India’ for four years in a row (2010-2013).

MakeMyTrip was recognized by PhocusWright as the Most Innovative B2C Company creating consumer friendly technologies at Travel Innovation Summit (2013). It also received the Eyefortravel Award for the Best Mobile Strategy and Best Mobile Solution (2012).

Super is disrupting jobs in India with a mobile-only approach.Hiring till date has largely been spray-and-pray with decade-old ideas and zero innovation. We’re re-imagining every piece of the experience from ground up and perfecting it exclusively for mobile. Super is Tinder for Jobs in India. It is your personal recruiter and your sneak peek into the lives of the coolest companies. Super tells you what is it like to work anywhere. This is the beginning of the sexiest jobs and hiring experience the world has ever seen, and we’re just getting started.

Snapdeal was founded in February, 2010 and in a short span of four years, has become India’s largest online marketplace for businesses to reach sell their products to consumers nationwide, a model that the company pioneered in the Indian market. Snapdeal’s mission is to create life changing experiences for small businesses in India that account for 93% of India’s retail industry. The organization features the largest selection of 5 million+ products in the e-commerce space in India across various categories like Apparel, Mobiles & accessories, Watches & bags, Electronics & cameras, Computers & Peripherals, Perfumes, Beauty & Health, Footwear, Home décor, Kitchenware amongst others. Snapdeal.com has over 25 million subscribers and has a fan base of 2 million+ on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

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E-commerce has changed everyone’s shopping behavior. The ability to sit at your home, browse through millions of searchable and indexed products and get them delivered with a click of a button is revolutionary. But a lot of things can be improved. Build apps that help us in better buying decision, that make the operations process much simpler or simply just makes e-commerce more consumer friendly

Super Workplaces

What's a super workplace? A place where everyone is happy and satisfied. Build an app that helps you know how Super a workplace is.

For example: You can create an app that will ask the user at the end of every work day, how their day went. Rate it on a scale from 1-10, 1 being the least productive and dis-satisfactory and 10 being the most productive and satisfactory. The app should then generate...

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In the last 5 years, many offline services have been enhanced by the power of mobile internet. Over the counter ticketing has drastically reduced, with the advent of internet ticketing and fragmented industries, like bus travel have also benefitted from aggregation services. Then came itinerary planning and location based recommendations and before you knew it, there was a whole suite of tech prod...

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Winners of this Hackathon will not only win cool prizes, but also get a chance to associate with TiE. So for all you startup enthusiasts, it's time to put on your hacking hats. Participate in the TiE Delhi-NCR hackathon!

Main Prizes
Prizes Upto INR 300000

The top 3 Teams will get 1 lakh each

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