/hack (slash hack) is a premier hackathon where hackers from all over will celebrate the spirit of programming and learn to create novel tangible solutions or actionable ideas. So, whether you are a student, an environmentalist, a programmer, an entrepreneur, or just a concerned citizen, this is a fabulous opportunity for you to help create a community that can look forward to a secure tomorrow.

Talent has no boundaries and neither has /hack.

Make every day a better day. Make every day count.

With modern society beset by challenges of every kind, getting through each day is akin to going to battle. With this hackathon, you can find ways to help the community that nourished you go gracefully into the next decade.

Pay it forward.

This event might not give you a fully-featured product in a weekend, but it will give you an amazing opportunity to spread hope, build trusted relationships, and craft valuable strategies.

And more importantly, it will give you a chance to have a profound influence on people’s everyday lives.

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To improve health and wellness. Identify problems and opportunities to come up with keys to better healthcare, cut down patient costs, and provide quality patient outcomes. It doesn’t matter if your design is an app to reduce loneliness or help quit smoking; take a shot at designing innovative solutions to improve global health.


To contribute to a sustainable future; reduce human impact. Find inspiring ways to solve fuel poverty, address depletion of potable water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance ecosystems, reduce food waste, create eco-friendly homes, and more to drive positive change for Planet Earth.


To build a promising education strategy. Develop EdTech solutions to ensure access to affordable quality education and upskill the workforce. With action-oriented and solution-focused approaches, transform the learning space for the better.

Social/Civic issues

To effect social change via community-sourced solutions. Use open datasets, build apps and incredible prototypes, and work with non-tech users to enable civic engagement, advocacy, and activism.


To create lasting, meaningful impact with innovative hacks for specific issues you are passionate about. Come with any well-designed and feasible idea to create value in the space of ecosystems and human well-being.


Main Prizes
USD 3500
USD 2500
USD 1000
opens at:
Sep 15, 2017, 12:00 PM CDT
closes on:
Nov 21, 2017, 01:59 AM CDT
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