For millions of people around the globe, particularly in developing countries, basic healthcare still is not a reality let alone skilled care that could up their chances for survival. Except for the fact that socioeconomic inequalities seem to be increasing between the better-off and poorer countries, enough has not been achieved in breaking down geographical, financial, and cultural barriers plaguing the less fortunate. In India, quality healthcare during pregnancy, childbirth, and the early days of the newborn continues to be a faraway dream for the low-income groups.

1000 days

The first 1000 days of life is a critical time window that establishes the foundation for robust physical and emotional development. In India, an appalling lack of prenatal and postnatal care has contributed to rising infant mortality rates despite commendable efforts from all quarters. Acute malnutrition, stemming from poverty or illiteracy, has an enormous impact not only on the quality of their lives but also on the GDP of the country. With this hackathon, you can build a tech solution to help give mothers and babies the absolute best start to their lives.

If your app falls under this theme and meets the requirement, First 1000 Days will adopt your solution. It will be implemented and will reach the right end users.

Open Innovation

Access to good healthcare is a basic human right—a right that is often denied to many Indians living in rural areas. No quality infrastructure, medical facilities, and committed, qualified medical staff, add to the extreme disparities between the haves and have-nots in the country. Your idea could help rural India access health care and save the lives of many while destroying silly superstitions and reiterating the importance of much-needed reforms in the healthcare system.

If you have an idea that doesn’t fit into any other subthemes, please submit it under the open innovation track. Although we cannot guarantee execution, HackerEarth will work with you to help you see it through to completion.

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