If you are an avant-garde thinker, brimming with innovative ideas to help uplift the quality of life in India’s villages, send your submissions to us. It doesn’t matter if your idea doesn’t fall under any of the above-mentioned themes, because there is always room for an idea that promises to make a difference!

Giving back initiative by Nirmaan

Nirmaan is coming up with a new initiative called the "Give Back Campaign." The basic concept/idea is to give back to your motherland. The vision of this campaign is to encourage everyone to come forward and adopt one school/village at a time and help in its overall development. This campaign is currently in its pilot stage. We would like to have a platform where volunteers willing to Give Back can locate potential villages and contribute, and, also, an interactive page to connect the volunteers to the school where he/she is willing to give back would be great. The platform would act as an emotional connect to the volunteers taking up this campaign. At any given time, a volunteer can look up the platform and track the progress in the development of his/her school/village.

If your app falls under this theme and meets the requirement, NIRMAAN will adopt your solution. It will be implemented and will reach the right end users.

Technology as an enabler for Rural Distribution System

The lack of access to products, services, and schemes has persisted over the years, resulting in the ineffective delivery of social benefits to the underprivileged living in remote areas. Nonprofit organizations and social enterprises are key players to help counter this challenge. However, last-mile delivery for the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) is still a challenge for these organizations. Often, because there is information asymmetry in the rural areas, people may not be aware of the range of beneficial policies/programs. On the supply side, organizations may not be able to reach out to the beneficiaries because of geographical constraints. They could engage local field agents, but monitoring their activities becomes difficult. An end-to-end rural distribution system is needed to manage the supply chain for effective delivery of product and services for the last mile.

Open Innovation

Not everyone likes to be confined to problem statements. If you have creative ideas that could lead to new business models or leverage disruptive digital tech to improve rural lives and spur economic growth, then submit it under this theme. Hacker Earth believes that there is always room for a good idea!

If you have an idea that doesn’t fit into any other subthemes, please submit it under the open innovation track. Although we cannot guarantee execution, HackerEarth will work with you to help you see it through to completion.

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