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Like in the original thought experiment from Erwin Schrödinger called Schrodinger’s Cat, we have a cat in a sealed box. But with a difference - since Bosch is home to some cool technologies, our cat wears Bosch Sensortec sensors.

Hello there kitty. There is a pre-hack qualifier game, for us to get to know you better. There is a cat wearing motion sensors, inside a closed box. The cat has been upto something inside the box; we have been receiving a stream of motion sensor signals from it. From this motion sensors, data captured will be shared with the contestants. Through analyzing these signals you have to use algorithms and logical deduction to figure out what the cat is doing inside the box. To help you along, you will be given additional clues periodically during the analysis phase. Each time you crack a clue, you progress further in the game. Shortlisting will be based on how close the participant is to guessing what the cat is doing. Solve this mystery to unlock your invite to the Bosch KitCat hackathon.

On the day of the main hackathon event, you get to see how close you were to cracking the mystery hidden in the pre-hack. We will help you close the loop during the event where you step up and get to find the exact solution rather than a mere 'guessing-game'. You will get to experience the pre-hack game in real time. It is your opportunity to fine-tune and refine the solutions you shared with us during the pre-hack and apply them to multiple objects and situation using the Bosch motion sensor.

One more interesting thing about this hackathon, there is NO Idea submission required, instead download the data set/log from 1-Oct-2017 and crack the Cat's activity/motion.

It’s a game of superb reasoning and logic. Are you up for the challenge?

Here's how we have planned the KitCat hackathon for you. Have a look!

enter image description here

Eligibility Criteria

No age limit. Pretty much anybody – geeks, tech aficionados, the supremely curious, students, working professionals etc. The only criteria is an insatiable curiosity for solving puzzles.

If you have expertise in Motion sensors, signal processing, algorithms, activity recognition, machine learning and Android apps …wow…come on down!

Prizes INR 3,50,000 in prizes

Teams that get shortlisted will be invited to the main hackathon event in Bengaluru on November 10-11-12. Apart from monetary prizes, this event is an opportunity to interact with and pitch your winning ideas to the decision makers of one of world's leading technology and services company. KitCat hackathon is an opportunity for your idea to be profiled at national events organized by Bosch, and also in social media. So put on your hacker cap and get on the pre-hack game to guess what the 'KitCat' is upto in the sealed box.

Main Prizes
1st Prize
INR 2,00,000
2nd Prize
INR 1,00,000
3rd Prize
INR 50,000
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